Interacting in the 5th Dimension

Interacting in the 5th Dimension

Awhile ago, I did a meditation called “Letting Go” by Dwaine Hartman which is all about visualising yourself in a peaceful place, away from all of the pressures and problems in one’s life, and moving into the 5th dimension – in your heart and mind, not physically.

When I got to the part of the meditation where you visualise yourself in space, and enveloped by source and the love of all that is, my principal spirit guide (who is from the Pleiades Star System/Constellation) popped into the meditation to answer some questions I had been thinking and just to be there with me. As soon as I was in this space of love and calmness, and my guide was there, I realised I was experiencing what the 5th dimensional consciousness is like. However, after a moment of this peace, I also felt a quick wave of sadness and release of grief. I didn’t physically cry or anything but in my mind I felt just overwhelmed with a sense of loneliness and sadness. I asked myself “Huh? Why am I feeling like this?” And my guide popped in and answered “Every time we talk like this (whether in this particular meditation or not), we are in the 5th dimension.” “You cannot be in 5th dimensional consciousness if you are holding onto lower vibrations. In order to be in it, you must be free of negative emotion. (When you move into or around high vibrations you will either become automatically entrained with that higher frequency OR you will be compelled to leave the situation – this is the Law of Attraction in action in regards to what kinds of energies can and cannot share the same space.) You will always experience this release in the beginning of the connection if you are hanging onto negative emotions.”

This experience was created by doing this meditation which involved visualising yourself floating up and out of your current life and all the struggles it holds and moving into a visualised space that makes you feel calm and helps to gain a higher perspective. In this particular meditation, the suggested place to visualise is space, floating over the world. But it doesn’t matter what you visualise, as long as it makes you feel calm and connected to your higher, soul self and source energy. I.e. sometimes I will visualise myself by a river in the sunlight somewhere instead.
It is all created and experienced in the mind’s eye, which in my opinion is the 4th dimension without leaving your body (the 4th dimension is also that which is immediately accessed if you go out of body and are in your astral body). However, this meditation moved one’s consciousness just that bit further, into the 5th dimension.

These interactions are considered telepathy. You are aligning your frequency to one another, matching each other by meeting one another half way and creating the alignment. It is like you are both tuned into the same radio station and therefore, you can talk to one another on it.
To elaborate on telepathy – once you align the frequency you are then sharing thoughts, feelings, words, physical sensations and emotions because you are sort of ‘sharing one mind’.