The Worst Case Scenario.

Discovering and experiencing the worst case scenario of each of my current worries (in order to release that vibration and discover the root cause):

B gets a new girlfriend:
I imagine myself feeling discarded, replaced and unworthy of his love. I imagine them holding hands…him saying all the things he used to say to me…to her.
What is it about her that makes her worthy = what is it about me that makes me unworthy? (of his love)?
Why do I think I need his love? Why would it be so bad if I did not have his love?
(And here is the realisation or the remembrance that I do not have his love [hence the breaking up]).
Because if I don’t have his love, there must be something unlovable about me.
What does it mean to me to be unlovable?
It means no one thinks I’m any good. No one thinks I’m worthy…of love.
If I’m not worthy of love…I’ll be unloved…If I’m not loved…I’ll be alone…If I’m alone…
What would be wrong with being alone?
I’ll be unprotected… I’ll be susceptible to more pain… I’ll be in pain.

I’m not sure where to go from there. I am sleepy. Must not fall back asleep.