I feel like time is becoming more malleable more than anything… What I mean is…our individual realitys are becoming more sensitive to our thoughts, the process of manifestation is happening way quicker than it used to for each of us…so when I think to myself, “Wow, today is going reallyyy slow.” I’m manifesting more of that, reinforcing that aspect of my day, like almost immediately, no manifestation buffer time. The reason for this is: because time is not a 3D, physical construct but rather a concept of the mind, it responds immediately, it doesn’t need that buffer time that physical manifestations need because it is a non-physical thing, it doesn’t need to wait around for events and places and things to align, for the physical substances to build upon each other (these processes and requirements that make manifesting physical things in our lives take so long).

For me, time seems to be speeding up. It very much depends on your initial outlook I think. The next thing I am now inspired to ponder is which observant thoughts other than ‘wow today feels slow’ create that initial slowness that prompts such observance…

– A lot of my posts seem to end in hmm these days…