On Trusting your Intuition

The other day I went to the grocery store and did what I always do which is: when I can’t quite see when I’m reversing or going to take a turn in the car, I always check with my intuition and I absolutely 100% trust the ‘yes, it is safe to go’ or ‘no, it’s not clear’…except I had not had a ‘no’ experience until the other day at said grocery store….
I was reversing, got the ‘no’ but thought to myself what I often think: “I’m just making that up, stupid ego mind based upon fear.” Alas, it was an actual truthful intuition. I didn’t hit anyone, it was all totally fine.
BUT the point is, it is very strange when I have that feeling of not-trusting-myself and then finding out that I should have. It is that nice, ‘aha, yes! I have ‘proof’! Proof that I’m not making it all up!’ feeling that the mind loves oh so much. It is just a confidence boost and I’m glad that it happened. That’s all.

p.s. I can’t believe I still doubt myself. I am so pro at this shit and yet still… this life is just one big risk taking test at times…a test to trust myself. Perhaps that is part of my ‘higher purpose’ in being here (since I have such difficulties with it). Hmmm….