How to Talk to Your Spirit Guides

Communicating with your Spirit Guides: Method 1 – ‘Automatic writing’

Sit down and take a few deep breaths. Focus on clearing your mind of distracting thoughts. Just focus on the breath.
Set the intention to communicate.  I.e. either write down, say out loud or say in your head what you want to do. Make it clear and definitive. so something like “I now set the intention to communicate with one of my guides/principle guide/whoever you want to say” (I think it helps to be specific) and add a supporting statement like “I know that this communication will be clear and I will hear exactly what I need to”.
Then, get a pen and paper and write out a question (you can ask it in your head or aloud at the same time if you want) then write down the first answer that you hear (when I say hear I don’t mean you’ll hear a physical voice, like someone is talking to you in the room, this is not what clairaudience means (although I’m sure there are very sensitive people who can literally hear spirit, it is unlikely whilst doing this and rather uncommon as far as I know).
It will come as words in your mind, sounding like your own voice, it may seem like you are talking to yourself in your head, but it isn’t from you that these thoughts are coming from).

You may also get an image, physical sensation, a deep knowing or an emotional feeling. All communication is just reading one another’s energy and the thoughts that flow in and out of it, so you could receive the information in whatever way your brain chooses to interpret it as. It will probably initially come through, your primary extra sensory ability (I.e. clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), claircognizance (knowing) etc).
Take note of anything and everything you receive.

Then, write out a new question and do the same thing as you did for your first query, then repeat for as long and for as many questions as you want.

merkaba symbol

Note 1: Remember, accurate intuitive impressions are almost always the very first thing that pops into your mind, so take that as your answer, even if your brain says you’re making it up because it seems to make no sense. You don’t want to put judgements on what you’re receiving, you can look at it again later to ease the ego mind if it wants to analyse it etc. Things often do make sense in hindsight, rather than in the moment.

Note 2: When doing automatic writing, it can be helpful to firstly write out all your thoughts – whatever you’ve been thinking about that day, like you’re writing a page in your journal. This is so that when you do connect and write out the communication, you are less likely to have invasive distracting thoughts that could cloud your clarity.

Communicating with your Spirit Guides – Method 2: ‘Feeling your Guides’

You’re doing the same thing to begin with – sit down quietly, set your intention then ask your guides to introduce themselves in the form of a feeling. You are intending to ‘feel’ their energy as an almost tangible vibration. You’ll feel their presence. Often their presence initially comes with a sudden feeling of warmth, love and/or bliss.
You can ask each guide to step forward one by one and you will notice subtle differences depending on which guide it is. One might come on strong and confident, the other might seem more nurturing and motherly, protective or fun – anything.
Note: Often your principle guide will be the one to step forward first.

With this method, it can also be helpful to visualise yourself meeting your guide/s. You could visualise yourself standing in a room or a garden, somewhere that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. You can then visualise your heart beaming a light out of your heart chakra area (chest) to connect to them. Watch and wait and you will feel a connection coming back to you. It will feel like a ‘Aha, there they are!’.

These are not the only ways to communicate, they are just the easiest to start with in my opinion.