How to Talk to Animals: Animal Communication

How to Talk to Animals: Animal Communication

Animal Communication is basically telepathy. You are aligning your unique ‘you’ vibration with the animal’s unique vibration. It is a meeting of minds. At the point of connection you could say you are literally sharing one mind. This is why the information you send/receive can be felt and known  via any of the senses (physical and ‘extra’-sensory perceptions. I.e. Thoughts, feelings, images, physical sensations, sounds, tastes and smells.
Note in regards to receiving thoughts: Yes, what I mean is you will send/receive actual words, like an actual conversation between you and the animal. But, you can also receive thoughts from a more direct place of knowing – those thoughts that make you say, “I don’t know how I know, but I KNOW.” – what you might call a strong, spiritual intuition.

Telepathy is the language of the universe because ‘communication’ is simply the sending and receiving of energy. It is a transference of energy that holds informative and particular vibration, AKA that which we call, ‘information’.  This is why and how people who go out of body via astral projection or a near-death experience will ‘speak’ to other beings via telepathy. Distance does not matter when it comes to telepathy, or any energy exchange at all.

Animals exist in the physical world and so yes, they do communicate with their

bodies (this includes utilising the vocal cords), but this is fairly unconscious (just like most of us are unaware just how much information our body language conveys to another person).
Animals do not consciously speak a loud to one another because they live in the quiet of knowing their true divinity. There is no need for words when you know that all beings are connected and that all is conscious, as the animals do. It is only us humans that feel such a deep sense of separation that we think we have to expend extra energy by using our physical bodies (via the vocal cords) to send and receive thoughts and ideas we wish to share with one another.Cat Communication

By utilising telepathy you are able to commune with any being, plant or animal, living or deceased, physical or non-physical, terrestrial or extra-terrestrial. It is just a matter of practise.

The first thing one must cultivate is silence in the mind. This can be achieved by meditating and breathing deeply, which relaxes the mind and body. You need to reach the mental space of ‘no-thought’ so that you are ready to receive incoming thoughts from the other being. If your mind is not clear your own thoughts will distort or block you from the information you receive.

You must also be prepared to send as well. To remain in the relaxed state, you should have your questions/statements clear and ready-to-go, before you start. Know exactly what you want to say and when you want to say it.

On the other hand, you don’t have to have a set list of things to say – you could just say, “Hi, is there anything you want to tell me?”

The easiest way for me to explain how to connect and what it animal communication feels like is to give you an example (I may write a more detailed “How to Connect” article in the future).
Before I do so, I will tell you about:

Setting Your Intention

I believe that setting a clear intention of what you want to do and why does the following things:

1. Helps you stay focused – with a clear goal in mind, your ego-mind will be less ‘in the way’ of the peace you are trying to maintain. This is because the ego-mind likes having something to do. It will be satisfied with clear instructions and having a ‘plan’.

2. Lets the animal know why you are communicating with them (intention, just like everything else, is an energetic piece of information. Any being that is sensitive to energy will automatically pick up on your intention, or at the very least, they will know if you hold positive or negative intentions). Once they understand why you are communicating, their interest will be peaked, so they will be more open energetically and thus this can allow you to connect with ease. They can feel the mental energy, the focus being placed on them.

How to Set Your Intention:

An intention is just a statement or a thought that explains what you are doing and why you are doing it. Basically you want to a) state what and why you are doing what you’re doing and b) provide a supporting statement, an affirmation that it will go smoothly.
The best way I can explain it is with an example:

My intention for when I communicated with Garrett, the dog was something like,
“I now set the intention to commune with Garrett. I align my mind and heart with his so that we may speak to one another. I do this on behalf of his human guardian, ‘namegoeshere’. I know that our connection is strong through the oneness of the natural, divine source that we all share. This communication will flow clearly and easily. I set this intention with love and with the highest good of all in mind.”

The Communication

This is part of a communication I had with a dog named Garrett. I have added in the methodology:

1. I made sure I was in a comfortable position and relaxed. I closed my eyes. I then took as many deep breaths as I needed to until I had slowed down my mind enough to stop thinking and be quiet inside my mind (so that I would be able to hear Garrett). *I keep my eyes closed throughout the communication unless I want to write/draw something to allow for visual imagery to flow easily*.

2. I then focused on a photo of Garrett and stated my intention aloud (you can do it in your mind if you want, it does not matter).
Note: If you are going to communicate with the animal in your presence, make sure they aren’t doing something particularly interesting to them, like eating dinner or playing ball.
Other than those obvious, ‘I’m busy’ times, don’t worry if it looks like the animal is not focusing. Animals are always multi-tasking. They ARE listening, trust me.

3. I acknowledged Garrett as a wise, intelligent being. I said/thought to myself, “I know that Garrett is just an extension of me, and we are an extension of the divinity of all.” – You should say something that makes you feel a sense of oneness and equality with the animal.

4. I focused on feelings of unconditional love. I did this by asking the universe to send universal love down, into my heart. You can also try to think of a time you felt wholly loved, a positive memory perhaps, and hold that feeling in your heart space – any method of bringing love to yourself is fine. I then I sent that feeling of unconditional love and oneness I felt ‘towards’ Garrett via an imaginary soft pink light coming from my heart chakra.Earth Energy This is an energetic invitation for Garret to connect with my energy so we can share the same space of consciousness I.e. begin communication. I sent this pink light to Garrett’s heart and then imagined it spreading over his body until he was covered in a loving, pink glow.

From there, it is all about feeling and trusting your intuition.

So, I said: “Hi Garrett, my name is Rebecca and I’m wondering if you’d like to communicate with me on behalf of your person?” and then I heard a “Yes! That’d be great!” in my mind. When I say I ‘heard’ it I don’t mean I heard it like someone was talking to me in the room. What I mean is I ‘heard’ it in my mind. Any words that you hear from an animal sounds like your own voice, your own thinking voice inside your head. All the images too – it feels like your imagination – but it isn’t.

After I got the confirmation from Garrett that is was alright to start communicating, I started asking him questions. I did this by stating them in my head to Garrett and by sending visual imagery to him.
E.g. “Garrett, your person wants to know how you have been feeling in your body…?” *I send a picture to Garrett of himself*  *I also said the word ‘body’ with emphasis*

Answers would start to come into my own mind in the form of words and images. The images are in your mind too, and the look the same as when you day dream, except this time it was definitely not my day dream, but rather a little dog named Garrett’s!
E.g. I see an image (this image is in the mind’s eye) of Garrett’s paw, it’s bending forward in a painful, weird way. It looks like he is on a footpath, on a lead. I hear the word, “I hurt my paw. It’s fine. But it got all scratched up. It still hurts. But it’s fine.” I then got the *knowing* that because he only sent that image, it means the rest of his body is feeling okay.

Next question,: “Garrett, your people want to know if you have a life purpose or particular reason that you came to be with them in this life…?” *I did not send any images here*
Garrett said, “My life contract with them is to see them through any hard times they might face and to let them know that the world is a safe place to be in. I am here to teach them to be brave when they aren’t strong and to not run from a fight – their fears.” *Did not receive any images*

And then it just goes on and on until you are done. When you have finished, make sure the last thing you say is a true and heartfelt thank you to the animal. Thank them for helping you learn and make sure they know that you know what a lot of humans are yet to fully grasp –  we are one and the same (a very wise cat said that to me as his goodbye in a previous communication, I will never forget the purity of that statement).

I am firstly clairaudient (clear-hearing) and then clairvoyant (clear-seeing) so my communications usually come in the form of words and images. I also usually get some clairsentient (clear-feeling) communication in there as well. Very occasionally I have experience clairgustance (clear-tasting) which is usually very funny to me because it is so strange…E.g. I asked my cats their favourite food, my mouth starts to water for and I can taste delicious cat biscuits in my mouth. I might as well have been drooling over a big block of chocolate…but it was cat food!

So, there is a simple introduction to Animal Communication!