Sirians Transmission/Channelling

Sirians Transmission/Channelling

I just received a sudden transmission or communication from the Sirians (a race of star beings from the binary star system, Sirius). I have never ever really delved into the information available about them…I have never really felt a spiritual or emotional connection, or inspiration towards them (as I do towards the Pleiadians). This was very surprising to me. It seems that we made a multidimensional agreement, and now is the time it has become activated:


“We (*me and the Sirians*) had a multidimensional agreement that stated we would never stray far from one another (and that you would help in this war).” {‘this war’ – continue reading}

“Now is the time for our reconnection and our blessing, welcoming you back into the fold. What we want is for you to listen clearly. There is a war being held at bay by our star-ships.”

*I see horses and white chariots with gold on the edges and ‘people’ in the chariots.* *It looks like what the Ancient Egyptians used to ride in in biblical times, except they are riding through space, but it is not dark…there is the black of universe but it is bright with lots of stars all around.*

“It is a war between heaven and Earth.”

*I see an image that is like… there are two, divided layers of sky on top of each other, with the Earth below: 1. clear blue sky, 2. blue sky with white, thick clouds then 3. Earth itself.

*I then received a knowing that it is not something to worry about (I assume this was sent because I heard the term ‘war’ and immediately reacted with fear, as any human would).*

*It is a metaphorical ‘war’ of humanity…between itself… It is representative of the huge ‘divide’ of contrast there is in the human collective at this time.
I.e. the humans who are in power, seeking to keep others in a state of fear and a lack of awareness of the powerful, eternal, divine creator beings we truly are V.s. those some call ‘lightworkers’, the people like me who are realising their divinity and are helping to raise the vibration of the planet, by healing ourselves and the earth, together. Those remembering the divine oneness.*
*This tells me that: In this transmission, the term “heaven” means = the positive future humans hope for, the one we are headed towards if we stay strong, since the 2012 shift in consciousness/vibration.*

“We wish to connect once a week to you, to discuss.”
“You have held our remembrance for far too long and now is the time to re-open your eyes and ears to the memories.”
“We send this transmission to you with love and light. Let all our horses guide you strong. We end this transmission with our deepest love and blessing.”

Egyptian Art

Wow. From the little I know about them, this fits their ‘personality’ (you might say) perfectly. Excuse the pun, but it is true that they are apparently very serious, in the way they speak. The words they chose to use (E.g. “transmission”) and the tone of the message… Very direct and commanding. Cool man.

I suppose we can look forward to more transmissions from them, once a week!
It is like I clicked “I accept the terms and agreements” for iTunes or something that none of us ever read, and Apple are suddenly here to collect haha. Except, this is way more awesome.