This link is to an article that discusses how when speaking telepathically to animals, the ‘voice’ you’re ‘hearing’ is usually going to sound like your own normal ‘thinking voice’. This is the same for any kind of spiritual connection on the non-physical levels, (say you are talking to your spirit guides or a deceased person), this is the nature of clairaudience – if you ‘hear’ words, they will sound like yours. But, trust. Trust is the only thing to say, as hard as it can be…with practise, you will be able to notice the subtle difference between when it is actually you answering the question/saying the message and when it is the animal/being you are communicating with.

Just thought that might be helpful. I know I got confused when all this random information was coming to me in my own thought-voice – still does, but now I know. Hope this helps all you intuitive and/or clairaudient individuals out there.

Do continue on with the animal communication FAQ’s on this site, and have a look around – it is a great resource for anyone who is interested in learning to speak with animals or in getting connected with animal communicators.