Staying with a Negative Feeling

Recently I discovered that I am meant to be a channel for the information coming in from the Pleiades. It makes me feel a bit weird, not sure why. I think I’m having a small identity/self esteem crisis… “Ahh, go away, not again!” says my mind. The wiser half responds, “Let’s deal with it now. Go into the story, into the pain and you will come out the other side in a better state.” So here we go…

I have been feeling so over all the shadow and the bullshit and all the waiting for life to start really happening.
So, I am doing this. I am ready. Throw it at me. And if we have to, let’s throw all the shit at me now, first, okay? So that I can get a free load for a while, right? Okay? Cool.

Back to the issue at hand:

It’s like …I’m a Pleiadian…but my ‘human self’ is insulted that I am to be a channel for some other cooler being with cooler information. But, (and here I realise) I’m not just doing that. I am holding my very own Pleiadian frequency that is anchoring the planet down and projecting it upwards, like a spring release, but in slow motion (the raising of consciousness on this planet is, and must be, steady and slow, but at the same time comes with an exciting, propulsive and energetic feeling).
But again, this is making me feel like any information that I might have to offer is not considered as important or ‘as good’ as this/these other beings’ (whom I am to channel). …But… (and here I realise again) It is the collective. I am a part of this collective. What it is, is more like – I’m to raise my vibration to meet these beings and share the information through my perspective (plus I know I’m already doing it in my dreams). We are meeting half way to transfer information that was/is already mine, just inaccessible from here in 3D.
My human experience still allows me to do what I love which is to counsel, offer advice and share my perspective in whatever manner that most helps the individual. This human part of me + the Pleiadian part of me…they’re already interplaying, even without me realising it.

I am constantly transmitting that frequency and that noise (song) to the Earth. I am constantly changing the way of the world and the realms at this time; it’s just a matter of being more conscious of it this time. I’m going to begin. It’s time to begin.

Now, is where I begin and (the) Now is where I dissolve. (And revolve).

I feel better. I’m glad I got that out. Sometimes (maybe even a lot of the time), instead of listening to my fears or worries like this, I ignore them and try to ‘delete’ them by refocusing on something positive…and that IS the thing to do, but only AFTER one has been through the negative-feeling thoughts.
If you run away from negative-feeling thoughts, as I do at times, they will simply return at another time. Instead, go into it. You will find it is far less difficult/scary/painful/exhausting/etc as you may think, and that all these ‘negative’ feelings have their opposite – beautiful, positive insights…they’re almost always born from the difficult, aren’t they? Hmm.