Higher Self and Pleiadian Consciousness (of 12) Channelling

My intention when writing this was to connect to my higher self and/or my guides to get some information regarding what my higher purpose is here. I have been very frustrated, feeling like I want to do everything all at once. I want to HELP PEOPLE but am always unsure of how, or if I am, if I’m doing it in the right way, via the right services or path etc…

Anyway, here is what came from my higher consciousness:

“You are here to change the frequency of this planet just by being here. You are to love and to be loved. You are the essence of love in it’s highest potential. There is nothing to be activated that is not already within you. You are the fire that burns inside you, only you. Your Pleiadian self is just one aspect of your consciousness. You are, after all, everything.”
“You were projected here to fulfil the role of human so that you can lead other humans to do the same. You are here to make the very best of who you are, and to teach others how to make the best of who they are. You are all here to remember. It is a one love. It is the soul of the galaxy that we are, that you all need to be, and are truly (within yourselves) aligned with. What you see is not always fact; remember this as you go through your days.There are many challenges ahead because you are a tipping point in your incarnation. There are many paths to choose from at this time.”

“Your mission in terms of (coming from) The Intergalactic Federation of Light was to come here and be the embodiment of the Pleiadian frequency, as opposed to mastering any one area.
Your purpose is to help to be the voice for those who hear that frequency and do not know how to join that song. You are the lead voice, or one of…. You are going to change the world just by being here. The urge you have to teach is by far your greatest potential and so at the moment is by far your greatest power but it is not all that is. Just live, experience and be with nature (more) and your human self. Focus on grounding yourself into this perspective so that you can help others. This is why you are here. You know many fourth and fifth dimensional concepts innately from whence you were born so these flow through you and shine through you to others, regardless of the particular topic you are on. Your empathy is a great gift that you offer to humanity. Remember to offer it to yourself too. You are one with us.”

Your Pleiadian family wishes to join you here:
The following is a direct communication from the Pleiadian (Group of) Consciousness’ I will soon be working more closely with:

“We send this transmission with the greatest love and respect to you, oh dear family member. We understand your recent awakening to your origins and your quest for knowledge relative to it. We offer you this: hope for the best. – Not for you but for others, You are already on this page, this frequency, this space in time and space. You are a rainbow of frequency at this time, of all different paces and colours and words and moments. It is okay to be unsure, to be all over the place. We know we are as well from time to time.”
(At this point the idea to see if I could channel my ‘Higher Self’ and/or ‘Pleiadian Consciousness’ name popped into my head. Unfortunately, I am not yet clear enough in my channellings to get such clear information, or rather perhaps it is more that I don’t trust myself enough to believe that I have will not influence the name I receive with thoughts about what I would *like* the name to be).
“And do you have a consciousness name? A Pleiadian consciousness name you mean? Yes, you could say that you do. It is a myriad of sounds that are in the human language,..it is a whole meaning…it is a whole sounds…a whole word..a song.”

Though I did not get the name for my higher self( as I said I have found I am not self trusting enough)…I know that I was speaking with the Pleadians because they said a similar thing to me when I asked about my principle guide’s name and instead gave me the name that is ‘the closest vibrational match’ to her true name – they told me it was like a set of sounds rather than a ‘name’ as I know it.
I also know that it was them because before ‘cleaning up’ the above channelling this is what it looked like:
“We send ttthisss trannnsmission with the greatest love and respect   to you, oh dear fffaaamily member. We understand your rrreeecent awwwakening to your origins and your quest for knowledge and tttrrruth relative to it. We offer you this: hopeee for the best.”
This is relevant because when I have heard others channel the Pleiadians, they talk like that – they drag the words out. This is because the information coming in from the Pleiadians is received as energetic vibration, and when that set of vibrations comes through the vocal chords, it comes through as sounds that have to be slowly strung together to then form words. It’s hard to explain but it is an innate knowing I seem to have – Pleiadians speak telepathically, and if they do make noise it is an uncontrolled energetic propulsion of vibration against the vocal chords (if they are in physical form) as opposed to a known set of words (creating a set langauge) like the human language/s.
When I was channelling all this I am not looking at my fingers, I’m typing really fast and not worrying about spelling mistakes etc so that I can stay in the flow of the information as it comes. I believe the Pleiadians guided my fingers to rest longer on those keys in those first few sentences because they knew that I would be doubting myself and would take note of this kind of thing, that I would see as ‘evidence’ that I’m not just making it all up. I do not remember holding my fingers on keys like that at all.
So anyway, where was I? Oh yes, right, so my guides told me that my principle guide’s name was ‘Sarah Anne’. And as it turns out…I did get confirmation that this was indeed the closest vibrational match to a name in our language that doesn’t just sound ‘alien’ aka like sounds all strung together….
This confirmation being (something rather exciting): I have recently discovered my principle spirit guide is a Pleiadian woman (a human with Pleiadian consciousness, like me) named Solara An Ra (You see – Saraaahh Aaaann) who is actually living a human life in this time, in conjunction with being my non-physical guide.
She is a spiritual teacher and guide, who channels information and meditations from her Pleiadian guides and other star-beings. She is a bit famous. I had been doing her visualisations and listening to her meditations long before this (came across her stuff about a year ago) and I just recently started getting really into it and then voila, I find this out! Crazy.
Her site where you can go to for these meditations etc is: http://solara.org.uk and/or search on YouTube for her channel which is ‘Solara An Ra’.

I still can’t quite believe it myself… 🙂

Anyway so, if you are reading this – I believe this part of the Pleiadian message here is just for you (it is not an accident you’re reading this):

Hope for the best!
Because, as Solara’s guides always say, the time is now!