The Semi-Psychic Girl

I am a person with active extra sensory abilities. My psychic abilities are active and accurate when I want them to be. I do have to ‘get in the zone’ first. It took practise, too. I didn’t come into this world born seeing tulpas (ghosts), auras, guides etc.

The problem though is – as one develops these skills, they do start to ‘switch on’ randomly throughout the day/night. The further you develop them, the more often these extra senses will activate throughout the day/night until eventually, they will always be active, all the time (as they were always intended to be before we all stopped using them as babies and children, as we learnt that seeing what’s apparently ‘not there’ (to the adults) was inappropriate and just ‘make believe’. Like an unused muscle, they atrophied).

So basically right now, I am in this transition stage. I can use my psychic senses when I want pretty well for healing and counselling etc. However, the more I use them the more they are switching back to their natural state which is one of always being ‘on’. And, this is actually pretty wonderful to me!
However, at the moment it’s just crazy because it is all really very active in the corner of my eye, more than ever before – which is a really really weird feeling. It is one thing to see something out of the corner of your eye every now and then, it’s another to have stuff going on there constantly!
Note about that: The reason people see things out of the corner of their eye, and when they look it ‘disappears’ is because the sides of our eyes are more sensitive than the centre. You can test this by looking at stars – pick a star and look at it straight on, then look at it through your peripheral vision and it will appear brighter.
As one’s psychic abilities grow, the vibration of the senses (and of you, in general) raises. When our vibration changes, so does our reality and the way that we perceive it, the ‘amount of it’ that we can perceive. All is energy, so if you as an energetic entity raising in vibration, you are naturally going to start seeing the world’s higher vibrational energy as well (aka higher dimensions – dimensions being, just another ‘layer’ of energy that overlays and encompasses our world).
Additionally, the reason people usually see these things ‘in the corner of the eye’ at night is because we are obviously more sensitive to light in the dark…

energy eye rainbow

The point is, I cannot wait until this transitory period is over and I move more into the phase of seeing the ‘whole picture’ of the non physical energy that is apparently floating around me.

So far:

I see a violet, glowing light that overlays everything, sometimes during the day but mostly at night time. This is not just in the corner of the eye. This is across all of my vision field. This violet light is actually an ‘energy stain’ across my vision. The reason this is occurring is because as a natural channel I have a very active, strong and open crown chakra. The colour is violet because the crown chakra’s frequency is one that matches the vibration of ‘violet’ on the light spectrum. This stain shows that my crown chakra is constantly highly active, so much so that I didn’t even realise that the regular thoughts in my head would be considered unusual and of a spiritual nature if compared to a ‘normal person’. My intuition is basically ‘always on’ and information of a spiritual or metaphysical nature is constantly, immediately available to me.
Faeries, but only in my house and only at night time. These aren’t just in the corner of my eye, but I sense more of them there than straight on. These appear to me as little dots of light – mostly white or yellow, occasionally blue and the other night I saw a red/orange one for the first time. I know that they are faeries because the first time I saw them I was practising in the dark of my lounge room and asked whatever entity that wanted to participate to help me to ‘stand’ at a particular spot near the wall. I looked and waited, saw these dots and had what I call ‘a knowing’ : “Faeries”.
‘A knowing’ is the only words I can think of that describe what receiving information through the crown chakra is like. It’s not that I literally hear an external voice that says things, it’s that I ‘hear’ it in my head, in my head/thinking voice, “they’re Faeries”. This is called Claircognizance (clear knowing) and is my strongest extra sensory ability (hence why channelling is so easy for me). I also had a session with a medical intuitive (someone who uses their psychic senses to look and understand at the energetic and physical health of the body) who stated she could see Faeries all around my head.
Difficult to describe, floating ‘stuff’ that glows and moves around in a flowing motion – this is the most bothersome and newest one at the moment because it all remains in the corner of my eye, not in front at all, so I really don’t know what it looks like and it’s very active.
A strong, almost tangible feeling that there is someone or something standing very close to me on my left or right side. It’s the same as how you can ‘feel’ when someone is looking at you intensely. But it’s always there! And I know it is probably just my guides, and if I tuned in properly I would sense that. But having that feeling all the time is really very strange!
I am also finding that I will become, very randomly and suddenly, extremely empathic (i.e. feel the emotions of others around me as if they were my own). I do this when I connect to others consciously for healing purposes or whatever, but this, this is very odd!

I would rather have it all switched on, full on, rather than this weeeeirdness. I feel like this Clefairy…

pokemon clefairy

But, then again, I’m not actually complaining because this is actually a really good sign that my skills are growing. Yay!

Just wanted to get it out 🙂 Love to anyone reading this!


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