On Losing Friends: Part Two

I have moved from the depression phase to the ‘fuck you guys’ phase.

I quite prefer it.

And I’m NOT going to do the thing that I do which is rationalise their side of the story so that my feelings are no longer valid…

On one friend’s account: I get it. He kind of has an excuse. But nothing that excuses him from being so callous about it all.

The other: No. Just no. You suck.


What the fuck is wrong with people, I thought it was a prerequisite to not be a dick to enter the realm that is my life. Apparently not. Well, cool, looks like you’re leaving anyway. So, peace out BUDDEH.

But seriously. SCREW YOU.
I’ve said it once, no wait, twice, before and I’ll say it again – YOU ARE MAKING A MISTAKE. YOU FREAKIN’ IDIOTS.

Whatever. I don’t need bullshit, hardened (aka emotionally immature) people around me.
I am both gentle and fierce and so, so loving. It is sad that you can’t handle that. Enjoy the lack of that. ENJOY. Jerks.


Note: There may be more to come on this as the ridiculous rage continues. Look forward to that…


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