Pause for the Dark

Pause for the Dark (Your Sometimes Friend)


I pause for the dark

Looking for some kind of sign

But you’re not anywhere to be found

Yet your silence is so god damn loud


Water’s falling

On the creaking floor boards

Rain’s flooding at my feet

But you don’t move

It’s not your problem

‘get yourself a towel’ you say

As I get washed away

I washed away


I left behind a trail of dust

That you explore with your fingers

But only at dusk

When I’m just


Nothing there

Not stable enough for you to have to touch

Not real enough for you to have to love

Just there when you want me

Your sometimes friend

That’s all you wanted in the end

And I realised it way too late


oh god if I had have just been smarter

could this have hurt any harder

I don’t think so

Glad I won’t know

because I’m faded away now

now we’re at the end


Just take me back to the ocean.




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