Marching, Mirrors and Constellations.


Marching Song


And don’t stir

We all share the pain

Of every petal

That ever dropped from every flower

Until our last hour

So carry on

Carry on


I wake up

It’s 5pm

I don’t care

I’ve been weakened by men

Am I supposed to have these scars all over me?

Injuries left by those who’ll never see

Though some are from me

Some are from me


Because I’ll never be who they want me to be

I’ll always just be

The kind of girl you’ll never need

Behind bars made of crystal

Beautiful but not free


But I guess it comes full circle, you know

You’re just a mirror of what I don’t show

Fragile glass made so sharp

You cause injury

But you were carved from me

And that’s a truth that will never leave me

That light will never go out

But that’s alright because I’ll remember from now

You were there to show me how

To walk away from wars in which I don’t belong

To stand still as you shattered from what I did wrong

In battle with you

We both knew

That the marching song would end

Some days I wish I was a constellation

Or the song of acoustic guitars


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