Recent Astrological Weather (and it’s not so nice effects on my life)


I put that in caps because when I think of Mercury Retrograde I start yelling at it in my head a bit. I know that some people think that a lot of this kind of thing can be a self fulfilling prophecy or placebo – in that, say you know it’s coming up, you might start to worry and trick yourself into getting confused and blame all miscommunication and tech breakdowns (these being some of the effects of Mercury Retrograde) on the astrological weather…but I seriously didn’t know it was happening until it had already started.
My life has ‘coincidentally’ difficult since then.

Shit really got real when the massive solar flares were occurring at the same as the full moon (<– click for info about how the full moon can shake things up) on Friday the 13th (and just before), aaand I also got my period on that day (which is interesting because it has been a bit out of sync recently, obviously so it could conveniently arrive and stir shit up on this Friday the 13th, a day when the divine feminine rises). That was about when the trouble with the ex-boyfriend and a recent friend really hit it’s climax. I was a total mess.

Note: I have always been really affected by solar flare activity (or rather, the coronal mass ejections that hit the Earth’s electromagnetic field as a result of c and x class flares (usually).
Here’s a really good article on that, for interests’ sake:
I tend to get the lovely side effects of: dizziness, headaches, sometimes nausea and ‘brain fog’.

It was this same time last year that I broke up with my (now ex) boyfriend. This year, I have been having major difficulties with our current (platonic) relationship, ‘coincidentally’ at this exact same time.

I have found that the vibrations surrounding this relationship have been so repetitive. The same just general life circumstances are always occurring at the same time that I have problems with this guy. It’s been that way since we broke up. I just find it very interesting to note how clearly the universe is saying to me, “THIS VIBRATION/SITUATION IS CLEARLY CYCLIC, YOU NEED TO SORT THIS”, by offering all these signs that indicate we are stuck in the exact same pattern/s.
But anyway, it has finally been ‘sorted’…Or…just, has moved into a better space. It’s all alright, for now.

I like to remember what Teal Swan said in her (below) video, and the diagram she uses as a reminder that energy moves in a circular pattern and you can therefore never go backwards. Things may repeat but you are always moving outwards, always expanding with and out of  the spiral.
Watch this video if that intrigues you. It really, really helped me:


Here are some links about Mercury Retrograde that I found helpful as well:

Also, this:


Apparently there is another one coming up in October. This should be interesting.

If you read those articles above, or watched the video, you will know that Mercury Retrograde absolutely wreaks havoc on communication and technology, and also has a habit of somehow (not sure of the details of this one) making you late for things, caused by things just being delayed in your day to day life e.g. getting stuck in traffic on your way to an appointment.

I must say that I have found this to be so true. My communication skills have been a mess. I see this reflected in my recent conversations with people, I can’t seem to think of the right way to put things, everything that comes out of my mouth is sort of jumbled. It’s also the reason why all this relationship stuff with my ex-boyfriend has been extra difficult. It’s normal for this ‘old stuff that needs to be sorted’ kind of stuff to come up during the retrograde, but the effect of miscommunication really, really does not help. I end up just being like, “I don’t even know anymore….arrghhhhhh fsahjofhsafpa!”
It is also probably, partially contributing to my not very in depth, just kind of ranting, blog entries. I can’t communicate what I’m trying to say. It took me about ten thousand years to explain that metaphor about knives and hallways in my previous blog entry. I just saw/felt the image. I should have just drawn a picture (not that I can draw, really. Maybe that wouldn’t have helped either).

Technology has been giving me a little bit of grief, too. My internet connection keeps stuffing up. I really remember this occurring last year as well. I was trying to download comics yesterday and it was being so annoying, I got so damn frustrated. The internet…my enemy, yet my best friend.

In conclusion, OH MY:

mercury retrograde full moon



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