Thoughts for the Future

I have so many things to write about but I just don’t seem to be able to get a big boost of inspiration for it all all at once…so I’m making this entry so I have list of these things that I wish to discuss so I don’t forget / you, reader, may find yourself intrigued:

Intense world-flipping-upside-down and something-about-planetary-movements dream.

Relationships and dating (bringing to the table my recent experience with the latter).

The being that is ‘Seth’ (from the Seth Speaks books by Jane Roberts) and surrounding synchronicity relative to him/her/these books.
Movement from within my path of spiritual growth…from stagnation to propulsion
Experiencing the sensation of oneness/expansion of myself

Being more confident in my ability to intuit my own answers to spiritual (and regular) queries that pop into my head I.e. easily, randomly channelling Source, or the Akash, or my Higher Self (they’re all the same, as all is one) and trust in what I receive.

Yellow car synchronicities and winning monetary competition/s.

Trusting my inner, psychic vision way more when it comes to reading auras and medical intuition.

Something about family.

Something about money.

Sudden increase of interest relative to fashion.

P.s. I dyed my hair back to almost-white-blonde. I am the Khaleesi:

daenarys dragon


Just me and my dragon, hanging out.


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