Feeling Tone: Who You Are

In one of the books I am currently reading (“The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book” by Jane Roberts), there is an exercise you can do to ‘feel your feeling tone/s’ … it’s basically’ close your eyes, centre yourself and notice what you feel about who you really are, what you really are…’ It is a method of feeling your soul and the truth of your miraculous being-ness.

I wrote down my impressions:

“I am limitless.

I am the hair and the muscle. I am the wind that transpires outside. I am the gentle heart I feel here.”

“I am the outstretched universe.

I am the music of the trees, I am the song in the wind, I am every frequency.

I am the length and the distance of the Earth.”


“I am a/the one love. The one song.

I am the home and the house.

I am the centred sun.”


universe quote


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