Self Trust, Intuition and Emerson

I keep having dreams where I am using my body to sense which thoughts are true intuitions and which thoughts aren’t intuitions, but rather just me inadvertently imagining things. In the dream: I have a thought about something or someone and I feel a kind of physical leaning or heaviness on my right arm if it’s correct and if it’s wrong, then it’s on my left (actually it’s been vice versa in some dreams, but yea that’s the gist of it, the arm heaviness thing). I have heard of this happening with other psychically sensitive people who are physically intuitive.
I wonder if maybe I am practising increasing my physical intuition during my sleep, out of body times?

I do think it would be helpful to have such a clear confirmation system as opposed to learning to trust my brain and accidental imaginings. That’s why I’m also a bit jealous of empaths. They can feel a strong, sudden wash of emotion or physical stuff such as nausea etc when they come into contact with someone else’s energy. I understand that it can be a hard life (many empaths don’t know how to switch their abilities off so being around others, crowds, hospitals etc can be extremely difficult) but again, it would be useful to have that semi-physical and emotional confirmation system.
Admittedly, I do experience it occasionally when I connect to someone with the intention of healing them, but it doesn’t happen all that much, is not usually very strong and disappears quickly…

But you know what? This is all an issue about self trust.

Being what is known as a spiritual intuitive and/or a channel means that I receive non-physical information mostly through the crown chakra, so it comes into my awareness as thoughts.
Now, we all know we have that inner monologue, well imagine if you were given an important piece of information that you needed to write down or know or whatever, but it came to you as a random thought within that inner monologue with your inner monologue voice, and it’s quick as well, so it will dart in but the inner monologue keeps on going…yea, so good luck with finding that. That’s what it’s like.

The way to deal with it is to a) learn how to clear your mind of thoughts when you wish to consciously use your spiritual intuition b) become very aware of that inner monologue and know that voice and what sorts of things it thinks, the tone of it, the ‘feel’ of it so that you will then notice the very subtle difference within your train of thought when a random piece of intuitive information is sent through. Remember how that feels.

crown chakra
The best way to learn to differentiate, to know the feeling and the tone between spiritual intuitive vs. your inner monologue, is to practise utilising your spiritual intuition with someone else, then when you get something right you can remember how that thought felt vs. when you get something wrong, remember how that thought felt and compare.

IT IS SO MUCH MORE COMPLICATED ARGHHH So jelly, all you empaths/physical intuitives out there.

BUT. I know the reason behind it. Like I said, it’s about self-trust. Trusting yourself to know spiritual information within your day to day mind is one thing, but the lesson learned behind all that practise is the point – one’s level of self-awareness goes through the roof once you start to listen to your inner dialogue. Having this ability forces one to differentiate between your ego mind and your soul. You get to know who you really are (and will quickly learn that we are not our thoughts – they are just thoughts – we are the observer – that’s what I’ve been learning anyway) just by observing and so you are then prompted to change your thought patterns, your self-talk. You start to note all the self criticism you have, the judgements you make every second of every day, if you’re doing something because you want to or because you feel like you ‘have’ to, your true needs and desires and so on… So, I take me having this ability to mean that self-trust and self-awareness is a BIG lesson for me to learn in this lifetime. No coincidences, you know? (Random thought – perhaps for empaths, it’s about learning boundaries?)

I can honestly say though, I still don’t trust myself completely. I do to a pretty large degree. Like, if there was a line like this and the vertical line is where I’m at:

I don’t trust myself _________________________________________________|_________________ I do trust myself

I’m getting there. Check me out. Watch this space.


– Ralph Waldo Emerson


wonderful strings

P.S. Today is a pretty day. There is a gentle breeze, it was warm enough for me to not wear my big coat, the sun is flickering in and out between the trees and higher up – between the clouds. I think it might rain soon, but that’s alright.
I’ve got some stuff to cleanse. Cleanse and let go, this I shall do when the water falls.


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