Animals and I

I remember one time I saw a dog walking a long the side of the road without it’s person around – or anywhere to be seen at least. I was in the car with my family. I told them that I was worried about that dog and wondered if we should stop and check to see if it’s collar had any information on it and if not, take it to the vet to be scanned for a microchip. No one really wanted to stop. I said something about how I care and I can’t just leave it there in case it’s lost, and how I would want someone to stop for my dog or cat if it happened to me. My brother turned to me and said, “Yea, well, Becc, can’t you just turn it off?” I was absolutely shocked at such a suggestion. I replied, “No, I can’t just ‘turn it off’. It’s WHO I AM. I would want someone to stop for my pet! Imagine if it was Henry (our family dog) or something!” My brother sighed and turned away. I watched as we continued to drive past the dog and looked out the back window as it faded in the distance.

I care about animals. I REALLY care about animals. Domesticated animals are children that absolutely depend on us for their survival. We have done this to them.
Wild animals – they were there first. We invaded and built concrete cities in their homes. I’m talking about spiders and insects, ‘pests’ like some birds (who eat people’s crops or fruit), wild horses who run through people’s land in the outback, raccoons or bears who go through people’s bins, monkeys who go into the city and ‘annoy people’ or steal their food etc etc.

albert einstein quoteWe (humans) are beings who choose to live quite un-harmoniously. It would not be a problem for us to have been more conscious about where we build our houses and roads, how big we make our houses, how much space do we really need? How much land do we really need? How many shops do we really need? The ones that we do need, why don’t we make them more suitable to the way that nature grows and apply an attitude of ‘sharing space’. Let’s make a space for the birds so they don’t feel the need to build a nest somewhere inappropriate, let’s make a possum box for the possums so they don’t feel they need to live in our roofs…Let’s not continue building towards the rainforest so the monkeys and other primates’ natural space and habitat is intruded upon and then complain that they come into ‘our space’ and ‘be annoying’.

This is not a go at anyone or any one group, this is not to say that I am not partially responsible. I am definitely contributing to the issue to some degree.
BUT I am putting in the effort to be more aware and therefore understanding relative to the beings that we share this Earth with and I don’t like being shamed for it, which sometimes happens, because people just haven’t taken the time to really look at the facts or the whole picture about the way we live and the way we have indeed intruded (to a certain extent and in a poor manner) upon other beings’ habitats and lives….

I don’t want to wash or brush down my car mirrors (just the sides, not the glass) because I don’t want to destroy the spider webs that spiders have built there. I know the reason they’re doing it is because I brought this big hunk of metal into this area where they live, and they don’t speak human so they don’t get why they ‘shouldn’t’. And then, I am someone who says that they shouldn’t have to not live there because they’re not harming anyone or anything, I just don’t mind. Chillax on my mirrors man, let’s go for a drive and feel the wind in our…hai..r?

Even though I am quite afraid of most insects and spiders, I am learning not to kill but rather either allow them to chill out in the corners of my house or capture them and put them outside. I always talk to them about it, too, since I am someone who is able to communicate telepathically with animals. They are very understanding.

Animals deserve way more respect than they currently receive.
Gaia deserves way more respect than she currently receives. It is time to realise we are not that different and that we sharing this Earth, no being is more important than other or more or less deserving to live a peaceful and happy life. And, we should all do what we can, when we can, to help bring about such a life for animals.

I’ll always stop for the dog on the side of the road, I’ll always let the spiders build tiny webs in the corner of the bathroom roof, I’ll warn them about the cats too. I’ll always talk to plants so they know that some one is here for them and knows the truth of them. I’ll always let my cat Panda sit on the chair I want to sit on if he gets there first, I’ll always let my cat Rose sleep on my clothes if she gets there before I can move them because I myself would hate to be woken just for a jacket when the person has ten other ones to choose from, and I’ll always get that my cat Uriel broke the blinds because she thought they’d hold her up because she’s not a human and doesn’t know it’s not okay to test it out, instead of just getting mad at her for being a cat.

I’ll always care and I’ll never ‘turn it off’.

girl and kangaroo australia


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