Channelling: About Sri Yantra

sri yantra

Sri Yantra


The Sri Yantra is a gateway to another dimension – the dimension that is you. Sri Yantra’s energy draws one into oneself and helps you to identify various aspects and elements of your soul that you are not conscious of on the surface. When a being is exposed to it’s vibration, Sri Yantra will illuminate what the being most needs to know about itself through simple, seemingly ‘random’ introspective thoughts, realisations and epiphanies coming into conscious awareness.
The Sri Yantra is a loving vibration that wants to help you to grow and achieve your dreams via you and only you – I.e. It illuminates because it knows that when you become more aware of yourself, you become your own guide and so grow in self empowerment. It is not a direct manifesting vibration but rather one that prompts you to go into yourself to become your own powerful manifestor by your own means and inner knowledge.

Sri Yantra wants all humans to know that you are the portal to your destiny and you are the one who makes it happen. There are triggers and guides and events that allow us to come to the realisations that bring us closer to our dreams, but you are the one who has manifested these triggers, guides and events into your reality and so it is ultimately you. You are the guide, the event, the trigger, the creator. It is you that creates the universe and Sri Yantra helps you to remember this by prompting you to go in to yourself and come out with guidance for yourself.

sri yantra galaxy

The shape of the Sri Yantra speaks to the way that Sri Yantra approaches and affects human consciousness. It is a multi-layered, 2-Step kind of vibration:

The outer lining of petals speaks to the gentle and delicate nature of what Sri Yantra is doing in ‘Step 1’: Softly guiding one deeper within, to a place of introspection and self-illumination. Once this process is activated within one’s consciousness, the creator being will then see, and be in a place of having access to, the more masculine and forward-moving energy that spurs the process of powerful manifesting. Being brought to this place, and promoting the intention to use the creator energy that is there, is Sri Yantra’s ‘Step 2’.

The Sri Yantra uses the triangle in it’s centre as it is a shape of power and is symbolic of the act of manifesting. Having many and multi-layered triangles speaks to Sri  Yantra’s strong activation energy that can powerfully support a creator being’s effort to manifest.

Sri Yantra is much like a Mother’s energy. She wants you to see yourself for the creator you are, so she rests in the background and offers only the energetic support that will teach you to be your own person, in the end. She invites you in with her gentle petals of guidance which then leads you to the power that you have within yourself, the power that you have had all along.

About Sri Yantra – A channelling by Rebecca Elizabeth Anne (

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