see souls not bodies

About Ageing and The Amazing Old Lady

The other day I was walking along the street and there was an elderly lady walking towards me on the other side of the path. I was immediately struck by the presence of her higher self or soul aspect. It was like, “Whoa. Though that lady looks old and frail, she is AMAZING.” It was just this…presence…and like, a sudden involuntary (but appreciated) recognition of her huge part in the tapestry of the energetic universe. And not in a ‘she is a special spirit way’. The message was more like, ‘we are all just like this miraculous and powerful being I’m feeling now. We are all these huge, magnificent and miraculous soul-beings.
It made me think about this photo I have attached that I had seen previously on my feed on Facebook.

We are all souls and old people are energetic beings just like us, full of life and wisdom. There is a younger, whole soul inside of that person. The body may age but the spirit does not. The spirit evolves, yes, but ‘ageing’ is not a thing beyond this physical universe…And the only reason it even exists is because we BELIEVE you have to go through an ageing process in order to leave this plane… You don’t.

“Your body reflects your thoughts and beliefs. Your thoughts and beliefs can defy what is believed by science. What is believed to be possible is just that – a belief. Beliefs are just learned thoughts, and they are malleable.”

When I die I’m just going to be like, “Peace. #Beccout.”
I’m going to work on letting go of the belief that you have to age in order to die.

P.S. This is super cooool. Since lowering my anti depressant medication I am definitely much more sensitive to the energetic layer of the universe. It hasn’t even been very long. I’m quite excited to see what else happens.


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