girl cartoon love

Free, Cliche, Hope

Are you gonna wander in tomorrow?
Get your coffee to go, so we can say hello
“Hey it’s nice to meet you” (maybe we’ll be forever)
Maybe it’s you
Maybe you could put me back together

Because I see you everywhere I go
All over faces that I don’t know (yet)
Are you gonna write the next track with me?
Are you gonna help me set me free?
I think we should try, I’d like to give it a shot
More than that, I’ll give it all I got

And I’ll say the most cliche things
That anyone’s ever said to you
But you know a cliche’s a cliche
Because it’s true

Acoustic songs and upbeat lyrics
Make me think I won’t miss this
(Miss, miss out on love that is, is)

Maybe every last kiss was meant to be
Maybe there’s hope for people like me
Maybe we’ll (I’ll) make it, maybe we’ll (I’ll) get free


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