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On Consciousness: Talking to Other Species

Everything is made up of energy. Energy is information. The rate at which this energy vibrates is what defines it, and separates it from other things, creating an illusion of separation and distinction between one being/thing and another. I.e. Air, light, all that non-physical stuff is made up of the same energy as even the densest matter, such as rocks and stones. What makes them appear different and separate from one another is their energy rate (of oscillation/vibration).

Being conscious is being aware of energy and the information it holds and interacting with it. As you recognise the nature of energy and become fully aware that, as previously stated, it is information and it is all the same thing (every thing that is, has or ever will exist), you can ‘follow’ the ‘chain’ of consciousness (energy) that flows between you and other beings and therefore connect and interact with their consciousness.

As you follow this awareness of non-separation (which is the flow I speak of), your vibration and the other beings’ begin to come into alignment, they begin to vibrate at the same rate.
This removes the separation (created by your different vibrations) and literally makes you and the other being one stream of consciousness (energy).

Within this alignment you can then interact with or rather, ‘read’, the other being’s energy/information. I believe that the word ‘information’ is more of a human language concept, so when I speak of interacting via information, I am talking about creating a dialogue (between your consciousnesses) with the other being. Reading energy, though just as personal (considering the fact that you are ‘one’ in these moments and therefore have access to any and everything that the other being freely allows), does not feel as personal. Because humans have mental and language orientated minds (it is the nature of the brain I mean), if you are not having a dialogue, we may call it ‘reading’ the other’s consciousness (energy).
But like I said, you are connecting to one another’s information stream and whether you process it through the mind with human words and language or ‘read’ it, it is the same thing.

Different peoples’ brains, mind, body and soul process energetic information differently. For example, some people are more word orientated so they will hear words and phrases – a dialogue – when connecting to another being’s consciousness. On the other hand, some are more visual or creatively minded so their brain may process the information as visual imagery in the mind’s eye. It is important to note though, that both types of people can and do communicate with both of these methods and more, we just tend to start off with the thing we are more naturally predisposed to, those that we commonly utilise within our own, individual brain processes.

Speaking of this^, I will mention all the avenues that consciousness can flow between two beings (though I can only really speak from my experience as an individual human and others’ experiences I have read about, I guess):
– Hearing thoughts/words/phrases/dialogue/sounds in the mind ([inner] clairaudience)
– Hearing thoughts/words/phrases/dialogue/sounds in the physical sense ([outer] clairaudience)
– Seeing images in the mind’s eye ([inner] clairvoyance)
– Seeing images in the physical (l.e. things may appear in front of the physical eyes) ([outer] clairvoyance)
– Physical feelings ([outer] clairsentience)
– Emotions (being empathic/[inner] clairsentience)
– Tastes (clairgustance)
– Smells (clairalience)
– Deep knowings and intuitions (E.g. A feeling of sudden certainty like, “Ihis being feels ___!” “I just know it”) (claircognizance).

You are literally sharing one mind/soul/body and the human mind/body/soul experiences this in the above ways.


It does not even have to be something we consider conscious, because as stated, energy is consciousness. What makes things conscious or non-conscious in the human sense is, in my opinion, the thing/being’s awareness of itself as a separate stream of consciousness, it’s awareness of the variation in vibration that makes things ‘separate’. I use quote marks with that because, as aforementioned, since all is the same energy, separation is an illusion. This is when the word ‘Ego’ comes in.

The ego is the personal identity that a being has created for itself. The ego speaks to the level of the illusion of separation that a being has bought into.
Humans are the kings and queens of this. The beings or ‘things’ that we consider non-conscious or non-self aware are the opposite of us when it comes to the illusion. They see through it all, they are more so, or fully (depending on the being/thing we are talking about) connected to the truth of reality: that we’re all in the same chain or web or energy. They’re not living wrapped in a veil of ego and identity.

And y’know, that’s why they don’t talk a loud like humans. We do because we are so damn separate we have forgotten about energy and the mind-to-mind connection that we could (and do, in truth) share.

That’s why animals don’t vocalise as much as us, for example.
Whilst they do have a certain level of personal identity (they are ‘second to humans’ in this aspect), it’s not so much that they have a complete lack of awareness of the energetic connection between all things.
Animals speak with one another in the mind using the same methods as mentioned above – via the merging of minds that allows for clairvoyance, clairaudience etc naturally. They use body language and sound with their vocal systems because whilst they do hold this awareness, they are also physical beings like us.

Trees, rocks, crystals – same thing – but a ‘a step further down the identity illusion’ (for lack of a better term, you know what I mean). They have even less of an ego, a lower level of belief in the separation illusion. Because I’m not a tree I can’t speak to how they communicate together beyond saying that it’s probably similar but less wordy than animals (I’m guessing – I should ask one of them). It is also my belief that there are certain (non-physical) tree spirit beings (faeries) and crystal beings that sometimes (or always? again, need to ask) communicate on behalf of the tree, crystal or rock.

A step beyond that would be these non physical beings like the faeries, and anything that is not living in this physical realm. Their level of personal identity would be very low because their vibratory rate is much higher (as is the nature of the non-physical when compared to the density that is physicality) – Hence why when you talk to non-physical beings they often have a ‘higher perspective’. A higher perspective is a higher awareness of the whole, because they are more connected to the energetic realm and not the physical (the land of illusionary separation).

Note: I’m definitely not referring to all non-physical beings, there are varying levels of awareness within these realms too: levels of consciousness in this realm too, and realms within realms, dimensions within dimensions and more. For example (as is known by many), not all deceased people are pleasant and definitely lack this higher perspective I speak of (though the aspect of them that interacts in this manner is just one aspect of their consciousness (a better term for these is ‘thought forms’ or ‘tulpas’ – ghosts are thought forms/tulpas…but that is a whole load of other information for another time).

Because all is energy/consciousness every being and every ‘thing’ can be either communicated with or ‘read’. And this is exactly how and why I say that I can and do talk to animals, trees, crystals, ghosts, spirit guides etc, and you can too.

We are all the same and unique. And it’s not cliche, it’s fact.
It’s really rather beautiful when you think about it.


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  1. Well described. The best explanation of the relationship between energy, beingness, and our shared reality I have been lucky enough to read. As a suggestion, it might be valuable to leave the word consciousness behind for being too vague or broad. Perhaps the word awareness better explains the process in our personal identity. In our awareness we either find our part in the flow of energy and reality or we find ourselves separate and confined.

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