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On Consciousness: Talking to/Reading Inanimate Objects

As stated in the previous article on consciousness, one can ‘read’ inanimate objects’ energy (Note: when I say inanimate objects crystals, rocks, trees, stones – anything that is still in it’s original Earth form, even if considered still and inanimate, is excluded. Explanations as to why are discussed in the previous article on consciousness and communication) and ‘sort-of’ communicate with them in the same way as communicating with other species, but the ‘interaction’ will be different.

I have only had experiences relative to reading the energy of inanimate objects. Today I attempted to ‘communicate with’ or ‘speak’ to an inanimate object – some fake flowers I bought from the op shop the other day.

The interaction was as follows:

The Flowers: “I am happy to be here. I am glad to be of service in this way (because it brings me happiness to look at it, cause they’re pretty). It is good.”

It was as I expected very simple and highly uh…I dunno, a different feeling? Oh, here it is – more like a lack of feeling. There was a lack of connection as we humans feel it. It was more like I was reading a message stemming from the plant as an object, not as a speaking being. It’s hard to explain…

I highly recommend you try it for interest’s sake. It is a very curious feeling. The ways in which this can be done are discussed a little bit in the previously mentioned article. I might write a more in depth one regarding inanimate object reading/communication in the future. If I do, I’ll edit this entry and link it here…


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  1. I was collecting laundry off the lines in my backyard around 9pm. It was dark. As I turned to go to my house, I received a very clear, nonverbal communication from a clothespin which was in the grass behind me & wished to be picked up & put back on the clothesline. I paused, noting that this weird, then simply because I am game, turned around & crouched down, & immediately found the clothespin.

    I did not know a clothespin was there, & the flash of communication showed me exactly where the clothespin was, but not how it looked when I found it, leading me to think it was showing me a location from its own perspective, not mine. There was no emotional feeling, no personality, in the communication, but it was extremely clear & simple.

    This seems so ridiculous that I feel a little embarrassed, but… I have no explanation for this & happened to find this blog. lol

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