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Things I think People think about Me

I find this really emotionally soothing for some reason.
I realise some may be wrong, and some are right.
Maybe it’s because I have the inner conflict I think a lot of us do, “I don’t give a fuck what others think! I am confident, I believe in myself.” but also, “I do care”. I think I hold resistance to the idea of caring, and say to myself it’s not okay. But I am learning more and more that we are a sea of contradictions, it is part of what makes us these conscious complicated beings. How could we be any other way? We are all these messy balls of thoughts and feelings that interact with one another, entwining ourselves more and more. You can fight the knots or realise that you can’t stop them, you just need to try to accept them, together. And even if you never do, accept that too.

Although this may appear as a negative thing for me to do, I am telling you this feels cathartic…resistance release, I think. And it’s all kind of funny, so here we go:

The things I think people think about me:

whoa she talks to animals she is insane, you can’t talk to fucking insects SCIENCEBIATCH
rose tinted glasses are her middle name
way too honest TMI
how can she just confess her weirdness to everyone so easily
okay this girl is insane
I don’t get this girl at all
pretty cool hair man
sweet tattoo man
oh it’s a bit crooked man
(apparently one time someone said I was) kickass for not giving a fuck (about what others think relative to my spiritual self, truths, abilities, beliefs etc) (YES!)
omg vegan sheisjudgingmesheisjudgingmeiheartmymeatdon’ttakeitawayyy
way too obsessed with taylor swift
animals are not THAT great
internet addict
well I started talking to her because I think she’s hot but now I’ve realised she’s a new age hippy I feel the urge to run and warn others, and also check out her blog to see if she’s written about me (because I’m sure she was analysing me psychically the whole time we were interacting)

ursula disney gif

How people see you once you tell them you’re psychic

brave/crazy for being friends with her exes
no friends nelly
crazy cat lady
financial disaster
get a real job already hobo
doctor who is not THAT great
doctor who addict (in a ‘that is not cool/weird’ kind of way)
pretty cool that she reads comics
pretty cool that she digs reddit and gets internet memes
pretty cool that she likes x-men and other marvel stuff
Note: ^ seems to be mostly guys’ reactions
such a contrasted person
/reads blog/site – oh she seems to think she knows everything
omg starseeds? aliens? being spiritual is one thing, this is just ridiculous shit, wut
getting pretty sick of her repeating ‘you should only do that which brings you joy’ or ‘only do what feels good’ or saying ‘i didn’t do it because I intuited it would not bring me joy’ (I heart my life quotes anyways you guys, you’ll benefit from it in the end 🙂
she really needs to ‘do’ more (these people don’t know of my inner power, knowledge and ambitions – I’m changing the world via example, I’m even changing you [or rather inspiring you to change you, to feel joy] and I’m not afraid to believe it, most days anyway)
she makes me feel like I’m not crazy, that thing that happened was more than coincidence/I do have abilities/I doubt myself less
if she can get over bipolar disorder, I can survive insertsituationhere
since she had bipolar disorder, she will understand, I feel like I can tell her things
oh god she has bipolar she is insane and is going to have a breakdown on me
dear god I hope this bipolar person has taken her meds she will surely burn my house down otherwise
this is a really understanding and non-judgemental person
this is a really open and curious person, an attractive mystery
I’m so glad she just told me all this stuff about her, now I feel better about me and my shit
funny in an ‘off’, random and intensely sarcastic kind of way
(I think sometimes maybe people think) she has her shit together (I don’t)
why does she live in her pyjamas doesn’t she feel weird that’s kind of weird
who owns eight doctor who shirts yo who does that man
pls stop talking about your cats
pls don’t make me look at more photos of your cats
why does she use two c’s in ‘Becc’ (I don’t even know how it started, it just did, sometime in kindergarten)
i think she’s a witch pls don’t turn me into a toad

I thought of a thing to summarise:

I don’t need applause approval.


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