Uriel Holds Space

I have been crying this morning and my cat, Uriel, is ‘holding space for me’. I just know it. I am crying about my cat, Joe, that died almost ten years ago. He was a significant being in my life and I am still processing his death. Still. I miss him. There is more to our story.

But anyway, right now I am grieving and and Uriel is holding the space for it, even when it’s about another cat, and for that I love her.

I never really got what ‘holding space’ for someone meant until now. It is just like she is radiating this energetic bubble of love all over  me, that supports only and does not try to heal – the healing IS the support being provided because active healing cannot happen before release…

cat blanket


It is much like when she touched my heart to heal it (see Fear of Failure/Paws On Hearts) without the touch part.

I love what I am learning about her role in my life. She really is an angel.


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