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Animal Communication: Did you know…

Did you know that:

Animal Communication can be used to…

  • Let your animal know about important changes or events such as if you are going on holiday, having a new baby, adopting another pet, moving, taking them to the vet for a procedure, getting a new house mate or partner Etc.
  • Manage any inappropriate behaviour or on going behavioural issues.
  • Help your cat understand why the Christmas tree is not a giant, amazing scratching tree just for them
  • Manage and help your animal to recover from an emotional or physical trauma.
  • Help introduce yourself to your newly adopted pet – find out who they are inside, learn about their past, their likes and dislikes, their interests, their desires Etc.
  • Explain to your dog that, contrary to popular belief, the mail man is not all dogs’ greatest foe
  • Strengthen your bond with your current pet by simply sharing with one another through conversation E.g. ask your pet if they want something to be different regarding their food, bedding or environment Etc, ask them how they’re feeling physically or emotionally, say to or ask them anything at all.
  • Help multi pet households with any commonly related issues e.g. sharing of space or toys, fighting, possessiveness, territorial behaviour Etc.
  • Help your pet understand why you keep taking photos of them while they’re sleeping in a ‘hilarious’ or ‘really cute’ position’. Or why you keep putting them in ‘little outfits’ ‘because they look so adorable’.
  • Tell your pet you don’t need their company every time you take a shower
  • A lot, lot more!

If you’re not sure what the heck I’m talking about or would like to order an animal communication session with me, head to (By the way there is a super awesome YAYIT’STHE HOLIDAYS SPECIAL on right now, hooray!)



  1. Ha! Good one! :o) We really need to put the cat on the table with the taking photos subject with Mr. Purri. Oh, how he hates the camera(s)… but I keep on stalking him nevertheless. What it comes to the showering part – that is what Mr. Purri actually likes (to watch). Awkward. But I am getting used to it. He has been staring at me, blinklessly, since the day one. He said that he would via an animal communicator…! –Lea

    1. Hahaha that’s an amazing name. Sorry, not understanding what you mean when you say, ‘he said he would via an animal communicator’. Said he would what? Stare blinklessly? haha

      1. Pretty much. He is so happy he is with me again that he is going to ‘stare at me with gratitude forever… ‘ and he is a kind of a cat who never blinks, dammit. We have a long history ever since the ancient Egypt… Weird but fun. 😺

      2. aww that’s so nice. And yea man that’s so cool about Ancient Egypt! One of my cats, Rose, is the reincarnation of a previous family cat called Lucy. Another one my cats, Panda, is a soul fork or some kind of combination of consciousnesses like me – I.e. I get this knowing he is from the star system called Sirius and is consequently a very wise helper being to me. I feel we had some kind of pre-birth or pre-this-life contract to be a team (in my efforts to help others).
        My other cat, Uriel, she is just amazing and came to me at a time when I needed to be forgiving hence why I was inspired to call her Uriel – (also had a dream that her name was ‘angel’ or something like that then settled on Uriel). My point here is that we all have weird and/or special connections with our animals in some way and it’s super amazing!

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