breten bryden

My Spirit Guides


I thought I would share who my spirit guides are (the ones that I am aware of, at least. There could be more I haven’t met yet).

I just feel like sharing. So here we go:

Note: I am constantly editing this as I continue to learn over time who my guides are…

My principle spirit guide who is also my higher self and Pleiadian aspect. Basically looks like me but ‘grander’ and shining.

Tall, BIG male guide. Wise. Thinks he’s really funny but he’s just kind of like, ridiculous. Amazing eyes that smile. Large, broad nose. Large, strong hands.

A young, ridiculously good looking man with tan skin and golden hair. He has a very vibrant and fun energy to him. He mimes/explains with his hands a lot for some reason. I mean, I hear or know what he is saying, yet it seems like. or he looks like he is acting like he is on mute sometimes. It’s strange, but totally fine.

Sara/Sarah Sahasrara
Quite a long time ago, I remember asking her name and she said that I probably wouldn’t be able to pronounce it. More recently, I kept getting ‘Sarah’ but at the same time, it didn’t feel quite right BUT I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t get her name properly, so I told her that would be her name to me for now haha. And now even more recently, I finally received her whole name.
The way that she told me was by projecting a scent (that I could *smell* inside my mind but not with my actual nose, it was pretty odd/cool) that sort of smelt like flowers, then I was trying to think of what it would be, I first thought of lilies but then that didn’t feel right either, I then received the words ‘petals’ and ‘lotus’ and then I remembered that the crown chakra is depicted as a lotus flower with one thousand petals and that it is known as ‘Sahasrara’ in Sanskrit and that that it was difficult to pronounce (to me) and that it sort of sounded like Sarah…and then bam! I put it all together and I just knew that was it! It was great.
She is one of my main guides. She is very sisterly and caring. She is kind and gentle and loving.

A guy that looks similar to Timothy but not all gold and tan. Last time I saw him he was wearing a robe type garment. He has a very knowing and playful smile. We were brother and sister in a past life.

A dolphin who is playful but also motherly. Miko is the Japanese word for Shaman Woman. I think that describes her adequately. Part of her main goal for being with me is to help and teach me to communicate with animals.

A horse that I shared past life with. I was a male Spanish settler and she was my horse. She was/is beautiful. She always shows up in this particular meditation I do where I’m walking along a path. She’s always there walking behind me to show her constant energetic support. Part of Benita’s purpose in still being with me is like Miko’s – to help me stay in touch and connected with animals. Horses are the wise ones of communication. That’s the best way I can put it. She provides very subtle but very powerful, and constant, wisdom.

The Pleiadian Consciousness/Council of Twelve <— Not sure if they’re still around or not… They might be…
A group of beings from the star system, the Pleiades. I am guided by this group and they are there for me to channel higher dimensional knowledge whenever I would like, whether that’s for my own guidance requirements or for interest’s sake. They are like, or feel like, this group of over excited/studious/love-obsessed people with intense compassion, focus and hope.

This guy is really new. I don’t know much about him except that he appears as a native american man. I remember he just all of a sudden popped into my awareness when I was thinking some deep thoughts. I just know that he is gentle and also Earth-y. His energy is really low, not low, but like ‘bass’. If you were to give it music it would be kind of drum like. He is lovely and for now all he wants me to know about him is that yes, he is on my team! Energy colour = crimson red.  ‘Guardian’ kind of guide.

We all have spirit guides. Yours are constantly with you. You are supported. You did not come into this world alone.

Art in this post by Breten Bryden


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