hosseini quote

Bad Medicine

Headache knocking at the door
I don’t have time for this
I’m still here on the floor
Heavy since
the last kiss

You’re like the weakest medicine
And you burn horribly
But I’m addicted to the times when
The placebo kicks in
It always wins

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

I feel like I will never be loved for all of me. I’ve been loved for some of me, but never all of me. The flaws shine, the shadow shows, the light is not enough and people leave. People leave me. And it just keeps happening. There are people who stay because they think they have to, but ultimately, I am alone. I will quit. I WILL quit. I will quit.

Yesterday, today and probably tomorrow, I wish I could change who I am.



  1. I have felt that way for many many years, never have i found someone who could love me as much as i loved them. Only until recently an Angel walked into my life, who loves me for every aspect, inside and out. It’s full of transparency and it’s beautiful. But it’s not like you expect, there is no relationship, it just is what it is, and i’ll take it while it lasts, because i know from experience as soon as you try to hold it, to grasp it, it will slip through your hands. Life’s biggest lesson is about letting go, letting go of fear, of pain, of expectations. I still encounter all these problems, but the love i have that might leave tomorrow or today, has helped me get rid of these insecurities one by one, and i know if he, my angel of light does leave one day, it will be okay, it will be as it was meant to ..and it is my vulnerability that allows, the same vulnerability that allows me to open my heart. I can only hope that every girl is able to find a male that is kind and in touch with his femininity and feelings to allow you to let go of all of yourself, so you can feel secure about your insecurities, to only have yourself and securities left to love, so that if he does leave, you are left with a sense of worth, you are left knowing just how infinitely beautiful you are. I guess the biggest key was finding happiness and love within myself, being completely comfortable alone, and getting rid of ‘loneliness’ by meditating or being in contact with nature rather then throwing myself and the next guy that shows slight interest. So many times i have mistaken it as loneliness or longing (for a male), when really it is just disconnection, from myself, from source, from nature. ❤ one love

    1. Also you are not alone, you never were, and you never will be. Any separation or loneliness is a complete illusion. In fact if you were actually separated from anything, it would be unlikely that you would be able to exist in this multi faceted connected universe 🙂

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