The Sims

I was thinking today that the Sims is fun because you’re basically God. But then you get bored of it easily if you just play God and that’s why we end up making our own self as a character in it. You need to be the player as well.

And after making that observation, I get why source incarnated as me…even though sometimes I get angry at it/me for doing so. When I think about it like I’m source playing the Sims, I can see the benefit.



  1. haha!! have had the exact same thought, just a big game of sims, where you want to control others and make them go sexxy sex in the spa and be naughty and laugh at the inappropriateness, and theb you grow up and realise that you can actually create things,good things, and build things, and creatye a better life for you and your community around you. Oh sims! it’s like another Matrix concept 🙂

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