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Intuitive Readings

Just a note to say that I am now offering Intuitive Readings.
As a spiritual intuitive, one of my skills involves being able to ‘read’ a person’s energy and provide them with answers, guidance and information regarding their life and personal growth. I am now utilising that skill to help others. I’m excited about it.

Intuitive Readings by Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

Intuitive readings are provided as an opportunity for you to understand yourself, your life and events or situations you experience, from a higher perspective.

Intuitive reading is the art of acquiring information through extra sensory means. This information is that which is not immediately obvious from one’s physical perspective. It is not only the acquiring of information and illumination, but also the acquiring of guidance that can lead to improvement in one’s life on many levels… (Click to continue reading)

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You can order a ‘standard’ or a ‘mini’ intuitive reading. Because intuitive reading is energy based, you may order one no matter where you are.


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