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Intense Spiritual and Psychic Development

Hey everyone,

I know I said that I would write more as I had information pouring out my ears…but lately something else has been happening… I have been going through some kind of ‘awakening’. I have a half written article about it coming. The gist of it is that I have discovered, then had it confirmed by another intuitive, that my awareness of the non-physical realms is increasing, particularly relative to clairvoyance. My third eye is very much in a stage of truly opening. It is already open with my inner sight, but my ‘outer’ sight (where you see non-physical things with your actual eyes instead of as images in the mind) is dramatically increasing:

I am starting to truly see thought forms (ghosts), my principle spirit guide, auras (unprompted, without effort) etc. It’s cool and crazy and as I said, I’m writing an article about it at present.

Additionally, my awareness and connection with my principle spirit guide is growing much stronger. I can hear her and see her ‘more’ in my mind with my inner clairaudience and inner clairvoyance… It is like I can *almost* hear her tone of voice (instead of it sounding like my own inner mind voice) and I can see much more detail, she almost looks very physical. It’s weird. It’s like the projected image is being seen somewhere in the middle, between external and internal vision.  It reminds me of the time when I had what I named a ‘Split Consciousness Out of Body Experience (which I wrote about in this blog post). I have also seen her as a small blinking/glowing light in my mind’s eye (yet, again, it was almost physical – so bright I felt like I had to ‘blink’ within my mind’s eye) and with my physical eyes in that same form aaand last night she appeared to me as a quick flash of a glow/light.

Also, I had a ‘dream’ where I woke up in the dream (so kind of a lucid dream I guess) where I was going out of body… I could physically feel all of the vibrations, the falling sensations, the ringing in the ears both in this ‘dream’ and as I started to actually wake up. It was really intense and crazy. This has never happened before. I once felt the falling sensation when I was meditating and I know that was me almost going out body, but it startled me so I wasn’t able to actually get out (because you need complete mental and physical relaxation to project). I have also felt the light numbing and then tingling vibrations that come with deep meditation and the beginnings of the energy body preparing to go out of body. But never anything full on like this experience. Anyway, as I was saying, I always thought it would be just a more intense tingling with the falling sensation…but no, it was this almost scary THUNDERING and LOUD experience, like an internal EARTHQUAKE. I liken it to the metaphor of me as an aeroplane landing and also trying to take off (in the dream part I was *trying and failing* to get out body whereas when I woke up, I was ‘landing’).

It’s crazy/cool.

I have also felt myself randomly going into channelling mode. I haven’t let that go to full fruition because it is weird for it to happen all of a sudden. It kind of freaks me out/I’m like, “but I don’t feeeel like it”. Which is weird and not so mature but yea, it just all so new and weird. But at the same time I am SO HAPPY that this is happening. I like feeling a stronger connection to my spirit guide particularly as I struggle with loneliness in my life these days…

Anyway, this article about this as I mentioned earlier is coming soon. It is also about how I recently learnt that I have a crystal aura. The meaning of this is huge. The reason that I was struggling to figure out my own aura colour (when I can easily do so for others) is because I was picking up others’ aura colours/energy in my own field – I kept thinking, “Okay, I’m definitely blue. Wait, no I must be a violet. Definitely a violet.” but then I would feel doubt and have a lingering sense of confusion…

A crystal aura is clear and just light. Just like pure white light, it holds every colour on the spectrum. This clearness and purity means that I very very easily pick up others’ aura colour/energy and reflect it in my own/back to them (and to myself when I’m trying to have a look at my own aura).
It also explains why I am so damn sensitive – emotionally, physically, everything I.e. energetically.

Anyway, that’s what’s up right now in my spiritual life.

In my emotional life I am currently having difficulties with family and friends, that’s pretty lame and hard. I will probably write about that in the near future.

For now, know that I love you and I thank you for reading.

– Becc (Rebecca Elizabeth Anne) xoxo



  1. super interesting to hear how things are changing for you. i really enjoyed listening to your “hangout” with yona. you both came across as gifted, trustworthy, and authentic 🙂

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