VIDEO: Q&A/Meditation/Hangout is HERE

Hi Everyone,

The live Q&A/Meditation/Hangout that took place 9pm 13th February UTC is now available to watch.
Yona Curtis (Spiritual life coach, Shaman, Seer and more) and I (Rebecca Elizabeth Anne – Spiritual Intuitive, Animal Communicator and more) took questions from the audience on various topics relating to spirituality and the energetic universe. The video starts with a brief meditation that clears your energetic field and connects you to both the Earth and universal energy.


VIDEO: Q&A/Meditation/Hangout with Rebecca Elizabeth Anne and Yona Curtis

Topics covered:

Cymatics  (relationship between music and the water in our bodies)
Souls (what happens when we die, walk ins, soul forks)
Chakra blockage (and communication)
Relationship problems
Emotion/grief expression
Vegan pets
Animal communication (how does talking to animals work?)
Shamanism (Yona on being a ‘modern shaman’)
Spirit guide interactions
Intuitive readings
Spiritual life coaching
Spiritual awakenings
Psychic ability development
Astral projection/out of body experiences
And more…


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