Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

Spiritual Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Psychic Channel & Writer

rebecca elizabeth anne psychic

My name is Rebecca. I am 24 years old and I live in Wollongong, NSW (Australia).

I am a spiritual intuitive, a psychic channel, a writer and an animal communicator.

I have the ability to perceive information that is non physical in nature through psychic means. By utilising my extra-sensory (psychic) abilities including claircognizance (clear-knowing/direct intuition), clairvoyance (clear-seeing/receiving visions), the ability to channel (aligning my consciousness with another beings’ so that they may impart guidance) and more, I have been able to help others in unique, direct and profoundly healing ways.
I have always had many of these abilities but was unaware that they were unique, or that I could use them to heal, until around age 18 when I began a process of self re-discovery. Since then, I have been honing my skills in order to practise professionally and help others to the best of my ability.

Intuitive services are available at my main website: rebeccaelizabethanne.com


Blog: Whilst I Bloom: This blog includes pictures, quotes, metaphysical information, humour, direct channelling quotation and accounts of my emotional life and personal evolution.

Articles and Notes (at rebeccaelizabethanne.com): Information about spirituality, metaphysics, consciousness and more.

Channeling: Channeled guidance and information from The One, The Pleiadians and more.


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“Every day I see that people are yearning for ‘permission’ to be who they are, to feel how they feel and believe what they believe. The more we share our lives with one another, the more we will see that we are all fundamentally the same – we are really, in actual fact, the one and the same being: We are the consciousness that is the universe, trying to know ourselves and unconditionally love ourselves for whom or whatever we are, and what we may become.”

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne