On Hold/222

I am on hold with Centrelink (Australian Government branch that organises financial benefits for those looking for work, studying, disabled etc). I am trying to sort out my payment. I was on hold with them on Friday for 1 hour and gave up, went into centrelink and the girl said to do this specific thing with the app on my phone. Did that, didn’t hear anything so I went in there yesterday to ask what the deal was. I was given the same number that I had been on hold with previously and told that’s the only number I can call and that the physical branch here doesn’t deal with the specific issue I have. So I went back on hold again with them for 45-50 minutes yesterday and then gave up when I had to use the banking app on my phone and go shopping and it was getting to 5.30pm which was when the line would close anyway. This morning I am on hold again. If I don’t get onto them, the only thing I can do is either try another number who will almost definitely say that they are unable to deal with the issue and redirect me to this same number (tried that the other day, it was a 60 minute wait in the phone queue, which is when I decided to go into the branch instead) or the only other thing I can think of to do, is to go in again and I don’t know, beg the people there to..call some..other..person…? NEARRGHH.
Then I was like (for just a second), Ugh man I should call the complaints line…no wait, I’m sure the queue for that would be like a 2 hr wait.

In conclusion, patience is not my virtue when I am stressed about the issue at hand.

I’m wondering what I can do with my energy to help the situation. I think releasing this rant is a good thing. Expression of concern and frustration instead of creating some lovely energy blockages for myself (which will in turn vibrationally attract more of the same issues into my experience).

Yesterday whilst I was on hold I decided to meditate a little and run energy through my body. This was a mistake to do near electronics that I was already frustrated with (a strong, high frequency electromagnetic field (which is what your energy field/aura is) will mess with electronic devices sometimes and cause them to be disrupted or fail within their own electromagnetic field) (also, just wanted to say, if you are struggling with this apparently Orgonite will help) – the phone started to drop in and out even though the signal was fine, I could barely hear the (just fabulous) hold music any more and kept worrying it had disconnected. I stopped my energy work and continued to wait until 5.30pm…

Paaaaaatience, where art thou?

patience quote

I agree with this statement 100%. This is what I must find in me (I am not just talking about being on hold, I am talking about my whole life relative to where I am right now.) I’ll find this attitude within myself. I will. I must.

Oh, a cool thing:

Yesterday I saw the numbers 222 and I just knew it was a message from my spirit guides so I looked it up and it was a perfect fit for me for where I am as of late. Here is the description I have gathered:

“A message to have faith and know that everything is turning out for the best. Everything will be alright. The things you have been desiring and manifesting are coming to fruition in the best way possible. Keep your faith.”

And, my guides are always saying to me “You. have. fortitude”. And I love that. And I love them, so much. 🙂

EDIT: As soon as I finished this blog entry, I was taken off of hold and got all my stuff sorted. There you have it. Release your resistant vibrations, move into a state of allowing and things will naturally unfold how you desire them to.