The following Notes, Disclaimers and Privacy Policy apply to both this site: and the main website located at both of which are managed and written by Rebecca Town (Rebecca Elizabeth Anne).

Privacy Policy

Anything a client, the client’s animal or the client’s channelled being shares within/during any of the services offered or via personal communication/s will not be shared with outside sources without the client’s permission.

Occasionally I may ask to share some of the information and/or the conversation shared between myself and the client, the client’s animal or the client’s channelled being within/during any of the services offered or via personal communication/s in the form of writing, blogging and/or teaching. In this case, the client or the human guardian of the animal clients’ name and any other personally identifiable information will be omitted and/or changed. This will not occur without express permission from the client, or the human guardian of the animal client.

Any personal information such as your name, email or phone number acquired via any of the contact methods offered on both of the aforementioned websites (I.e. Utilisation of: The Facebook Messaging System, Email Communication, The ‘Contact Form’ (and the communication methods offered within it) will not be shared with any person or persons other than me, unless required by law.

Legal Disclaimer (for Services offered and Websites)

The information, opinions or guidance that are shared on both of the aforementioned websites ( and or within a service (psychic channelling, intuitive reading and/or animal communication) and any other personal communication between me a client, or potential client, is not to be taken as a substitute for the advice of doctors, psychotherapists, psychologists or psychiatrists.

The statements and guidance that I share on this website and within my offered services are based on my own opinions and theories and are therefore only for educational and theoretical purposes. I do not make any kind of warranty relative to any advice, product or service that is discussed within this website or within the time of a service (psychic channelling, intuitive reading, and/or animal communication)  being implemented, or within the personal communication that may take place before or after a service’s completion.

I do not accept any liability or responsibility for any consequences of an individual’s use of the information shared on this website or during the aforementioned services or personal communications. All advice and guidance is subject to interpretation by each individual who hears it, therefore, the website reader/viewer is solely responsible for any effects on them or others which they may attribute to information shared within this website.

Though I have attempted to ensure accuracy and completeness of any information that originates from any source other than my own, I assume no responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or any inconsistency herein. Any slights of people or organizations are entirely unintentional.

Image Credits

Most of the images on this site are not my own and I claim no ownership or credit for them (except for those that are indeed of my own creation). If you are the owner or creator of these images and wish them to be removed from this site or would like to be credited somehow, please contact me and I will do so as soon as possible.