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When Pets Misbehave

“My cat, Panda, walks around meowing at seemingly nothing a lot. He also runs around crazily at random moments for no apparent reason. This behaviour has sometimes driven me insane…

As an animal communicator, I can tell you there is always…” [read more]


VIDEO: Q&A/Meditation/Hangout is HERE

Hi Everyone,

The live Q&A/Meditation/Hangout that took place 9pm 13th February UTC is now available to watch.
Yona Curtis (Spiritual life coach, Shaman, Seer and more) and I (Rebecca Elizabeth Anne – Spiritual Intuitive, Animal Communicator and more) took questions from the audience on various topics relating to spirituality and the energetic universe. The video starts with a brief meditation that clears your energetic field and connects you to both the Earth and universal energy.


VIDEO: Q&A/Meditation/Hangout with Rebecca Elizabeth Anne and Yona Curtis

Topics covered:

Cymatics  (relationship between music and the water in our bodies)
Souls (what happens when we die, walk ins, soul forks)
Chakra blockage (and communication)
Relationship problems
Emotion/grief expression
Vegan pets
Animal communication (how does talking to animals work?)
Shamanism (Yona on being a ‘modern shaman’)
Spirit guide interactions
Intuitive readings
Spiritual life coaching
Spiritual awakenings
Psychic ability development
Astral projection/out of body experiences
And more…

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LIVE, FREE EVENT: Q & A/Meditation/Hangout with Rebecca Elizabeth Anne and Yona Curtis.

Hey everyone,

I have an announcement!

My wonderful and wise friend Yona Curtis (Shaman, Toroidal Energy Healer, Higher Communicator and more) and I have created an Online Q and A/Meditation/Hangout Event (Via YouTube/Google+ Hangouts).

This free event is open to all and has been created to provide a platform where you can ask us your questions about pretty much anything related to spirituality and the energetic universe.

Click here or on the image below to check out the Facebook event page. More details coming soon.
(Link to convert time zone:

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P.S. Cats (x3) may be present on my end of things. This event is cat approved.

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My Spirit Guides


I thought I would share who my spirit guides are (the ones that I am aware of, at least. There could be more I haven’t met yet).

I just feel like sharing. So here we go:

Note: I am constantly editing this as I continue to learn over time who my guides are…

My principle spirit guide who is also my higher self and Pleiadian aspect. Basically looks like me but ‘grander’ and shining.

Tall, BIG male guide. Wise. Thinks he’s really funny but he’s just kind of like, ridiculous. Amazing eyes that smile. Large, broad nose. Large, strong hands.

A young, ridiculously good looking man with tan skin and golden hair. He has a very vibrant and fun energy to him. He mimes/explains with his hands a lot for some reason. I mean, I hear or know what he is saying, yet it seems like. or he looks like he is acting like he is on mute sometimes. It’s strange, but totally fine.

Sara/Sarah Sahasrara
Quite a long time ago, I remember asking her name and she said that I probably wouldn’t be able to pronounce it. More recently, I kept getting ‘Sarah’ but at the same time, it didn’t feel quite right BUT I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t get her name properly, so I told her that would be her name to me for now haha. And now even more recently, I finally received her whole name.
The way that she told me was by projecting a scent (that I could *smell* inside my mind but not with my actual nose, it was pretty odd/cool) that sort of smelt like flowers, then I was trying to think of what it would be, I first thought of lilies but then that didn’t feel right either, I then received the words ‘petals’ and ‘lotus’ and then I remembered that the crown chakra is depicted as a lotus flower with one thousand petals and that it is known as ‘Sahasrara’ in Sanskrit and that that it was difficult to pronounce (to me) and that it sort of sounded like Sarah…and then bam! I put it all together and I just knew that was it! It was great.
She is one of my main guides. She is very sisterly and caring. She is kind and gentle and loving.

A guy that looks similar to Timothy but not all gold and tan. Last time I saw him he was wearing a robe type garment. He has a very knowing and playful smile. We were brother and sister in a past life.

A dolphin who is playful but also motherly. Miko is the Japanese word for Shaman Woman. I think that describes her adequately. Part of her main goal for being with me is to help and teach me to communicate with animals.

A horse that I shared past life with. I was a male Spanish settler and she was my horse. She was/is beautiful. She always shows up in this particular meditation I do where I’m walking along a path. She’s always there walking behind me to show her constant energetic support. Part of Benita’s purpose in still being with me is like Miko’s – to help me stay in touch and connected with animals. Horses are the wise ones of communication. That’s the best way I can put it. She provides very subtle but very powerful, and constant, wisdom.

The Pleiadian Consciousness/Council of Twelve <— Not sure if they’re still around or not… They might be…
A group of beings from the star system, the Pleiades. I am guided by this group and they are there for me to channel higher dimensional knowledge whenever I would like, whether that’s for my own guidance requirements or for interest’s sake. They are like, or feel like, this group of over excited/studious/love-obsessed people with intense compassion, focus and hope.

This guy is really new. I don’t know much about him except that he appears as a native american man. I remember he just all of a sudden popped into my awareness when I was thinking some deep thoughts. I just know that he is gentle and also Earth-y. His energy is really low, not low, but like ‘bass’. If you were to give it music it would be kind of drum like. He is lovely and for now all he wants me to know about him is that yes, he is on my team! Energy colour = crimson red.  ‘Guardian’ kind of guide.

We all have spirit guides. Yours are constantly with you. You are supported. You did not come into this world alone.

Art in this post by Breten Bryden

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Animal Communication: Did you know…

Did you know that:

Animal Communication can be used to…

  • Let your animal know about important changes or events such as if you are going on holiday, having a new baby, adopting another pet, moving, taking them to the vet for a procedure, getting a new house mate or partner Etc.
  • Manage any inappropriate behaviour or on going behavioural issues.
  • Help your cat understand why the Christmas tree is not a giant, amazing scratching tree just for them
  • Manage and help your animal to recover from an emotional or physical trauma.
  • Help introduce yourself to your newly adopted pet – find out who they are inside, learn about their past, their likes and dislikes, their interests, their desires Etc.
  • Explain to your dog that, contrary to popular belief, the mail man is not all dogs’ greatest foe
  • Strengthen your bond with your current pet by simply sharing with one another through conversation E.g. ask your pet if they want something to be different regarding their food, bedding or environment Etc, ask them how they’re feeling physically or emotionally, say to or ask them anything at all.
  • Help multi pet households with any commonly related issues e.g. sharing of space or toys, fighting, possessiveness, territorial behaviour Etc.
  • Help your pet understand why you keep taking photos of them while they’re sleeping in a ‘hilarious’ or ‘really cute’ position’. Or why you keep putting them in ‘little outfits’ ‘because they look so adorable’.
  • Tell your pet you don’t need their company every time you take a shower
  • A lot, lot more!

If you’re not sure what the heck I’m talking about or would like to order an animal communication session with me, head to (By the way there is a super awesome YAYIT’STHE HOLIDAYS SPECIAL on right now, hooray!)

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Just a note to say:

There is a HOLIDAYSPECIAL on at the main site for my ANIMAL COMMUNICATION AND PSYCHIC CHANNELLING services at the moment.

cat interview christmas
Please go to the ‘pay for services’ page over at my main site, for more information.

“It is my greatest intention to teach, learn, commune and heal.”

Today feat. Cats and Angels


I got all 3 ID tags done for my cats, to put on their collars, so that they can safely go outside on their own. We had a big talk about it yesterday. I explained all the rules and they all said that they understand. I told Rose I was scared that she was going to run away because she hasn’t been getting on with the newest cat, Uriel. As you will see from what I’ve written below, those fears are now quelled.

I took Rose out the back and the front today (off lead, but with me there watching). She went right into the neighbours yard and then came right back. She understands that’s not our house but felt she had to investigate. She did a loop around the yard then came right back. Then she went under the house…it scared me. But when I called, she came back. She is really listening to me and understands all my fears and reasons as to why I haven’t let them outside, and why it’s hard for me now. She barely went any where and came (eventually) every time I called her. She would also just come up to me and weave between my legs a lot without being called. She is purposefully behaving like that to show me that she will not run away – she knows that was a big fear of mine. I love her so much for the care and understanding she has shown.

cat and girl black and white

Me and Rose

Panda and Uriel have been out the back (off lead, under supervision), but not for very long. I can only worry about one of them at a time, so we are taking turns. Right now it’s Rose’s turn to get used to the outside area. Soon it will be Panda’s, then Uriel’s.

Also, when I was outside with Rose, I came across a single white feather. A while ago I asked for a sign from my angels, that they would bring a white feather into my path once when I was in a state of need and loneliness. and they did it. It was so awesome. Seeing that again today was so comforting, and I didn’t even ask for it. Perhaps it will be our sign for the next little while (or forever?). I was so appreciative.

On the way to the pet store (to get the ID tags), I drove the wrong way and I ended up finding that my suburb has AN OCEAN POOL ONLY LIKE 3 STREETS AWAY. IT’S SO AWESOME! I am so glad. I am glad I drove the ‘wrong’ way.

Whilst I was at the pet store I had a lot of time to wait because the engraving machine (for the ID tags) was playing up. This was totally fine because during my wait I met the shop cat called Mickey. I chatted to her and then ended up giving her a whole energy healing session! She fell asleep as I sent healing energy to her. I sensed there was something going on with her liver so I left an orb of on going, healing energy in that area of her body. This was again a scenario that went ‘wrong’ but worked out very much for the better!

My phone screen has died. I can see that the phone still works but the screen is black. This is a scenario where something has gone wrong and has not yet shown itself to be ‘for a greater reason’ like the other scenarios that occurred today…but I have faith. There will be some good reason for this too.

Right now I am beginning my self education on how to naturally manage bipolar disorder via internet research/youtube etc. I also have had many intuitions about it of my own which I will type out sometime soon. Intuitions regarding the cause of bipolar, anyway. I still need to meditate and continue research on the management side of it as aforementioned.

I have been slowly tapering off of one of the medications I am on for the bipolar (Cymbalta). I was on two a day, then one a day, then one every second day and now, as of tomorrow, it will be zero a day. I am excited about it.


Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals;
and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself.
Especially, do not feign affection.
Neither be critical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.
With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy.

© Max Ehrmann 1927

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Fear of Failure/Paws on Hearts

The other day I was feeling upset because I had talked to Rose (one of my cats) and she told me she was upset that we had ‘stopped having sacred time’. She was talking about how I used to meditate and communicate with the animals more than I currently do. The main reason I stopped is because I doubted my abilities. And it upset her.

I have a massive ‘fear of failure’ complex relative to pretty much everything in my life. It leads me to the irrational response or reflex of ‘okay, if I don’t try I can’t fail, so I won’t’. This is not conscious at the time but it is something realised upon reflection, and it is very common from what I can tell.

Rose blamed the new(ish) cat Uriel for seemingly being the reason I stopped having that ‘sacred time’ with her and Panda (my other cat). I explained to Rose that it was just coincidental timing and that it was my fear, so it was my fault, not Uriel’s. After I explained this all to Rose I was feeling really upset about it. Uriel was sitting (basically) on me as I started crying. She reached up and put her paw on my heart and I knew it was to heal it.

cat and girl photo pink

Uriel and I

Rose was upset in general that we got another cat. She said it’s not what she wanted. So I’ve still been feeling really bad about it. But conflicted because I love Uriel and she’s not going anywhere..
Last night I explained to Rose about how I just got this feeling that we had to get another kitty, and that when I saw Uriel it was like, ‘omg. this kitty belongs with me. She belongs with our family. I just know it.’ I explained to Rose that it was the same feeling I had when I first saw her, and when I first met Panda too. I said it was really hard because I knew Rose would not like it that much…yet I still had this feeling. Rose started headbutting me (aka lovingly rubbing her face against mine) and saying she understands.

I also explained to her again that I stopped talking to them because of my own fear…fear of being wrong when I speak to them. I explained to her that it is hard for me to distinguish between me making things up in my head and me actually hearing them in my head. I told her that people aren’t like animals, we don’t talk in our minds normally, and it’s a learning process. She headbutted me again.

cat and crystal me

Rose and I

Later on that same night I saw Rose sitting quite close to Uriel. They both had their eyes half closed and I ‘felt’ that they were having a conversation. I swear I heard Rose saying sorry. There was a peaceful communion of some sort at least. I’m so glad.

It’s stuff like this, like Rose rubbing my face, and Uriel putting her paw on my heart, and the budgie at my family home starting to squawk like crazy to say, ‘it’s okay! it’s okay! you’re here now. it’s okay!’ when I started apologising over and over for his illness and that we hadn’t looked after him better…It’s stuff like this that makes me remember and realise that the animals are just so unconditionally loving and beautiful and despite my fears, I should keep trying. I should just keep trying because they are here for me.

And it’s not a special thing you know. Any one who puts the effort into knowing animals will get the same response from them and come to the same realisations…they are beings of wholeness, consciousness, love and feelings, just like us. They want to connect and they unconditionally love to the best of their ability. Explaining things to them really really helps, even if you don’t fully believe it, one should try. The worst that happens is that it works.

Rose and I are getting a bamboo palm, house plant tomorrow. We’re going to meditate and send love to it together and that will be our sacred time. It was her suggestion and I think it’s great.

I just spoke to two cats for a couple of people today and it went well and it was all good. I had the visions, I heard the words… I just need to remember these moments. Gotta remember: I can do it.

cat sleepy ginger

Panda and I


Helping Others in the Midst of ‘The Machine’

I have been dreading going to these Centrelink (Australian government department responsible for offering financial support, help getting work and probably a bunch of other things I’m not aware of) ‘work skills’ workshops that are mandatory to attend if you want to continue receiving financial benefit.sepia human spirit photo

The concept of attending these gave me so much anxiety in previous months that I couldn’t bring myself to go and thus stopped getting my much needed fortnightly payment. Fortunately, I was then able to get a medical certificate that allowed me exemption from participating in these workshops for the following month. But after that month, I was supposed to have my shit together and therefore be capable of going (I must highlight the fact that when I get anxious, it’s not just a bit, it’s always a lot. I was diagnosed with ‘Generalised Anxiety Disorder’ a few years ago).

And it sounds so silly but the anxiety surrounding this is a deeper issue that is not immediately apparent upon superficial observation… For me, it was about feeling like I’m being forced to become a ‘cog in the machine’ that is society and the government etc. plus deep seated authority issues that I have had since school – another place where I felt forced to do things I didn’t want to do. And the whole thing with all that is probably something about it threatening my sense of individuality and that it promotes a feeling of powerlessness, due to the feeling of being controlled by others and what others say I have to do.


So last week, I finally went to one of these workshop things. Before I went, I was dreading it but had come to terms with the fact that I did have to go and so started thinking of ways that I might be able to survive it. I thought to myself, ‘maybe it won’t be that bad’, ‘maybe I’ll meet someone who loves Doctor Who or someone who is into spirituality or metaphysics I.e. maybe I’ll make a great friend’, ‘maybe the information presented will actually benefit me in some way’.

Well, I would never have guessed how it turned out.

There was only 2 other ‘students’ and the trainer and I in attendance, so there was a lot of time to get off topic. We were doing this (lame) thing where you ‘get to know each other’ – the aim being to prove that you will find you do have things in common with the people you end up being around in the workplace, and in society in general, even if it doesn’t initially seem like it…or something like that.

It was going okay. The other two people were very talkative and just asked like, ‘do you like music? okay we have that in common /writes it down. do you like blank? okay, yes, /writes it down.’ and so on. The trainer was making some suggestions too and she asked if people like reading and what kind of things do we like to read… Well, I was asked directly so I said, “I just read a lot of non fiction about metaphysics and spirituality, mostly.” And the trainer looked surprised and was like, “Oh wow. That’s so interesting, I really like crystal healing and stuff like that…”
Soon after, “do we all like animals?” “yes”, then went off topic talking about our pets. The trainer and I got into a funny conversation about our cats and weird stuff they do.
At another point we were asked about ultimate career aspirations. I said that I want to finish my book on metaphysics/bipolar/my life and become known enough to make money from spiritual writing, blogging and energy healing to just do that stuff full time. Then the trainer asked me about how energy healing works. I explained about how I do it and what the aura is etc.

From all that, somewhere in there, topical conversation drifted to the concept of consciousness and god. Oh, that’s right, I think the trainer said that she believes in karma in the traditional, Buddhist view (it sounded like). So then we talked about consciousness more and I spoke about how I communicate with animals. The trainer then told me that she felt like she could actually talk to her cats, and kept saying, “I know I sound crazy but -” I was like, amazed, and so glad I was there to tell her, “You are not crazy.”

She then told me (well, everyone) a story about how her previous cat asked her a question one day: The cat: “If I go, how should I go?” (as in die, like what would be the least upsetting way)
Trainer: “Oh, probably getting hit by a car or something. Something quick.”
And then apparently a few days later, the cat got hit by a car. Now the trainer was tearing up at this point and expressing how she felt guilt relative to that conversation, and like it was somehow her fault that the cat had died. I told her that, no, this is not the case. The cat was clearly planning to leave regardless. I also told her that she may have a natural gift for animal communication and should look into it. She clearly got that message correct.
And I also told her that she could hire a professional animal communicator to have a conversation with her deceased cat and that it might be comforting for her.

cat joe

My cat, Joe, who died. A beautiful soul.

She kept saying how grateful she was to hear that and that she would research it all when she got home. I also gave her a link to my site so she could order energy healing if she wished, as she had expressed interest in ordering some in the earlier conversation.

A very similar thing happened in 2012 when I was interviewing for a job at a call centre. I was discussing my past education, on that list being the course I did in Animal Communication. The interviewer asked me what that was so I explained. She started talking about animals, how much she loves them and feels a strong connection to them. I shared some stories about my cats and that I too (obviously) have a very strong connection with them. She then went into talking about when she got her dog euthanised. She was expressing extreme guilt for doing it because she now wonders if it was not the right thing to do. She started tearing up. I explained that the animal always knows, or the higher self at least always knows, and that we all do the best we can from the perspective we are in that moment. Her love for her pet was clear and that her dog’s journey had simply run it’s course. She was crying at this point. I told her that there are plenty of animal communicators that will speak to her pet for her and that doing some research into it might be a good idea also.

The point is, that I went to this ‘work skills’ thing with a bit more of an open mind and attitude, and turns out someone there really needed me to be there, to say that to her. I was able to help someone in a profound way. And it was just amazing. It is miraculous, these sorts of meant-to-be interactions…they happen in the most surprising ways.

People think they are so alone in their experiences when they’re just not.

You are not alone.

You are not crazy.

You are not responsible for the death of your pet.

Animals are conscious creators just like us, they are often infinitely wiser than a lot of humans I’ve met and are much more connected to their greater soul-self. So, when an animal leaves, you can trust that some part of them knew and they knew that it was right.

P.S. Hank is a conscious creator. Vote for Hank 🙂
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