animal photography

No More Fear, More Love

I think I’m just going to love everyone and everything. Even if they don’t love me back. I think I’m just going to start being one of those people who vibrantly love without reserve. I think I already am, at heart. I do already, really, love everyone and love everything I mean, I would say most of the time actually. And I’m proud of that. But there areĀ some things and people and situations where I’m drowned in fear about it all. So here, now, this is me saying that I’m going to get better at it. No more reservation. Just love.

bird on deer's backMaybe a bit like this deer. He probably doesn’t know that bird very well, or at least at one point he didn’t know him, but he said sure, you can rest on my back for awhile, because I am a kind of giving creature and I have no reason to show you anything but love. So I’ll be like the deer. I’ll love anyone who comes into my experience and I’ll do what I can to provide them with the feeling of love, of being loved.