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Going on Holiday with the Dark


Just a note to those who might email or message me, or book an appointment at As of today I will be mostly unavailable due to going on a holiday for 1 week (and it’s my b’day on the 7th wooooo). Will be back online (properly) on the 9th of Jan.

Happy New Year to eeeverryoooneee.


P.S. I was freaking out about how un-organised things are with it, but I decided to pretend like nothing is planned and there’s nothing I could be doing about it, and that has allowed me to move into a space of allowing and I feel much clearer and happier. My list is pretty put together and I am prepared for anything because I expect nothing (because I don’t know what to to expect, I mean).

(^ A helpful tip for those who are like me E.g. ‘WTF DO YOU MEAN WE ARE DRIVING AROUND AT 6PM TRYING TO FIND A SPOT TO CAMP IN THE BUSH, IN THE RAIN, IN THE DARK’ (re: last time)
Now maybe this time I will be able to just let the rain kiss my skin and the dark whisper its simple, deep secrets.


Kings Cross

Tonight I am staying in a hotel with my mum at Kings Cross. I am so tired but my head is buzzing. The energy here makes me feel like I can’t get clean. I constantly want to have a shower. The energetic atmosphere is thick, congested and unprocessed. It’s making my own auric field feel like that too (not a lot but yet it is highly noticeable).

Everyone’s worst selves are out there partying at the clubs and brothels in the streets below… Everyone and their issues are all out here for relief from the suppression. They’re here to express…via some pretty shit avenues.

The energy here is both stuffy and volatile at the same time. It’s weird.

It’s been a nice day otherwise. Just came to share my observations. My mind is ablaze but my eyes are tired yet the music and the people are so loud they prompt more thoughts.