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Emotional Healing with Unicorns and The Beach

“Yesterday I went to the beach to experience the cool energy, the water (the sight, not the touch. Oh, the cold chills of salt ice, of Winter ocean… I miss Summer), the Earth who expresses herself as sand there, the expansive sky that stretches like a never ending canvas above my head, the stillness of the surrounding plant life and the air that wafts over me and into my lungs…”

“I moved to the heart chakra. I felt a curious emotional and ‘etheric sense’ of pain there. I realised I was facing more remnants of the heart chakra injury I have for so long endured that stems from repetitive emotional injury over the course of my life (I generally struggle with with an inability to experience or at least believe in emotional safety in this life. I feel emotionally safe about 65% of the time I think. This is slowly changing though)…” [click to read more]

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Going on Holiday with the Dark


Just a note to those who might email or message me, or book an appointment at As of today I will be mostly unavailable due to going on a holiday for 1 week (and it’s my b’day on the 7th wooooo). Will be back online (properly) on the 9th of Jan.

Happy New Year to eeeverryoooneee.


P.S. I was freaking out about how un-organised things are with it, but I decided to pretend like nothing is planned and there’s nothing I could be doing about it, and that has allowed me to move into a space of allowing and I feel much clearer and happier. My list is pretty put together and I am prepared for anything because I expect nothing (because I don’t know what to to expect, I mean).

(^ A helpful tip for those who are like me E.g. ‘WTF DO YOU MEAN WE ARE DRIVING AROUND AT 6PM TRYING TO FIND A SPOT TO CAMP IN THE BUSH, IN THE RAIN, IN THE DARK’ (re: last time)
Now maybe this time I will be able to just let the rain kiss my skin and the dark whisper its simple, deep secrets.

Pause for the Dark

Pause for the Dark (Your Sometimes Friend)


I pause for the dark

Looking for some kind of sign

But you’re not anywhere to be found

Yet your silence is so god damn loud


Water’s falling

On the creaking floor boards

Rain’s flooding at my feet

But you don’t move

It’s not your problem

‘get yourself a towel’ you say

As I get washed away

I washed away


I left behind a trail of dust

That you explore with your fingers

But only at dusk

When I’m just


Nothing there

Not stable enough for you to have to touch

Not real enough for you to have to love

Just there when you want me

Your sometimes friend

That’s all you wanted in the end

And I realised it way too late


oh god if I had have just been smarter

could this have hurt any harder

I don’t think so

Glad I won’t know

because I’m faded away now

now we’re at the end


Just take me back to the ocean.



Dreams of the Orca

I dreamt of the Orca last night. A pod of them were at a beach I was at. I wanted to interact with them and I thought they were beautiful and majestic but at the same time, I was terrified of them.

It is said that when Orca comes to you in a dream, meditation or in your physical reality he is acting as a representative for:
the power of the cosmos, leadership, majesty, the ancient, the eternal, the great creative energy that is Source and using it to manifest thought into the physical realm (aka alchemy). Orca asks you to come into alignment with your true calling to do with leadership and the achievement of your spiritual goals.

“When you have the treasured gift of seeing a Killer Whale, it is a sign of great importance, you will be asked to step out of the fears that have been holding you back, in order to embrace your life’s calling and meaningful purpose…”

I wholly resonate with this. It is indeed time.