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Fractured Consciousness

“The creator being is a point of consciousness in a sea of many perspectives.
The creator being is like a telescope that has stretched farther than all other points of consciousness. The creator being is an investigator.
The creator being learns on behalf of Source, the ever expanding, pervading totality of all points of consciousness as one.

When the creator being comes down into the physical dimension there tends to be a lot of suffering. There is a fracturing, a splintering of consciousness that occurs over and over here in this realm.
As children we suffer deeply when we are taught to cut off pieces of ourselves in order to fit into society, to be labelled as normal, productive and conducive to this human society. But this is not humane. Because this was…” [click to read more]

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Going Within: On Doubt

“I integrated an inner child aspect today who felt ‘powerless to the control of others’. She sat in front of me at 8 years old. We held hands as I listened to her. I told her how sorry I am she felt this way. I stroked her hair. We put our hand on one another’s heart to reconnect. I remembered that I am her and she is me. After much emotion, I said, ‘it is time’ and she re-joined my present consciousness. The integration occurred…” [click to read more]

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About Ageing and The Amazing Old Lady

The other day I was walking along the street and there was an elderly lady walking towards me on the other side of the path. I was immediately struck by the presence of her higher self or soul aspect. It was like, “Whoa. Though that lady looks old and frail, she is AMAZING.” It was just this…presence…and like, a sudden involuntary (but appreciated) recognition of her huge part in the tapestry of the energetic universe. And not in a ‘she is a special spirit way’. The message was more like, ‘we are all just like this miraculous and powerful being I’m feeling now. We are all these huge, magnificent and miraculous soul-beings.
It made me think about this photo I have attached that I had seen previously on my feed on Facebook.

We are all souls and old people are energetic beings just like us, full of life and wisdom. There is a younger, whole soul inside of that person. The body may age but the spirit does not. The spirit evolves, yes, but ‘ageing’ is not a thing beyond this physical universe…And the only reason it even exists is because we BELIEVE you have to go through an ageing process in order to leave this plane… You don’t.

“Your body reflects your thoughts and beliefs. Your thoughts and beliefs can defy what is believed by science. What is believed to be possible is just that – a belief. Beliefs are just learned thoughts, and they are malleable.”

When I die I’m just going to be like, “Peace. #Beccout.”
I’m going to work on letting go of the belief that you have to age in order to die.

P.S. This is super cooool. Since lowering my anti depressant medication I am definitely much more sensitive to the energetic layer of the universe. It hasn’t even been very long. I’m quite excited to see what else happens.

NEW ARTICLE: The Aura, Aura Analysis and Energy Healing

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The Aura, Aura Analysis and Energy Healing

“We are often completely unaware of just how much emotional energy and pain (or, thoughts and beliefs) we hold onto in our day to day lives. Deep, subconscious emotional wounds, such as those from childhood for example, remain in our life and body until they are dealt with and released.

Getting an aura analysis provides illumination and thus allows you to begin the process of healing emotional wounds and identifying damaging thoughts and beliefs. Combining aura analysis with energy healing will ultimately help you to relieve both physical and emotional pains and imbalances…” [Read More]

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What People Think and the Journey of Finding Oneself

I just read a blog by one of my favourite spiritual teachers, Teal Scott (AKA The Spiritual Catalyst). It was all about having the courage to stay true in the public eye, and not reacting to slander. It applies to our day to day lives as well. My experience in my life is one example.

Though there wasn’t/isn’t much drama, I still had my qualms about ‘coming out’ as an extremely spiritual individual. I know a lot of my old ‘friends’ (I don’t actually know if we are friends any more or not in their eyes, meh) think that I have lost my mind. My mum and brother are very uncomfortable with who I am because they are both Christians. I used to be a Christian until about Year 11 (age 16) when I left my old, very small Christian school and went to a large Anglican school. I was there for the duration of the HSC, so years 11 and 12. Though it was an Anglican school, most of the people in my grade were not Christians, just people at a Christian school. Because I was not encompassed by a circle of close, Christian friends in a Christian orientated environment, I…I am not even sure what happened, I’m trying to think of how to put it…Did I purposely release myself of Christianity? Did it just fade away? I’m not being philosophical here, I just can’t remember haha! I suspect that must mean it faded away…Anyway!

After high school I just sort of chilled out and worked for awhile before moving to Wollongong to live with a friend, and eventually started going to a College that was part of the University. It was there that I made friends with a very passionate Athiest, whom we shall call T.
T and I became really good friends and almost started dating. In amongst that, we were constantly having debates and discussions about the nature of the universe and ‘god’ etc. I wasn’t Christian at this stage but I believed in something, a god, I think, but not the Christian concept of who god is.
Eventually he had be convinced that there was nothing, that we live and die…y’know? …For about a day. But then I realised the nagging feeling of ‘there must be something more!’ meant that there WAS/IS something more/I should at least keep searching. He didn’t get that, oh well. We were still awesome friends for awhile.
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So I kept searching and thought about it on and off.

Then I went to TAFE to study Animal Studies Ceritificate II where I found a book on Spiritual Animal Communication in the library. I got so excited and then from there read everything I could on the subject, mostly over the net, then started teaching myself to do it. And I found that when you start reading about these intuitive abilities, you get connected to deeper spiritual ideals just by being on that path. So I ended up devouring like, every spiritual book in the library and probably half the ‘spiritual section’ of the internet.
Then I found running themes (that already resonated with me, I ‘just knew’) within many spiritual ideals – I found that all of the ‘new age’ and ancient beliefs are fundamentally connected by these foundational truths (and probably more I can’t recall):
the universe is interconnected
consciousness IS the universe
energy and vibration are the basis of the creative universe
what you give to the world, you will receive from the world (the ‘Law of Attraction’ – not karma!) There is no masculine god figure that dictates our lives, only we can control our lives
There is only ‘now’
We are creative, divine and eternal beings

Discovering these things allowed me to discover myself (more than I already had) and learn what my higher purpose is in this life – just to help, help all beings, in any way that I can (which is why my list of services are so broad). I always knew that I wanted to ‘help the world’, ever since I was young(er) but now, I know HOW and know the WHY which enhances the passion and inspiration I already felt. And NOW, Here I Am. There I am. I am who I truly am.

People think I am crazy, I have lost the plot, I am in some kind of cult mind programming, I am gullible and/or think my ‘powers’ come from ‘the devil’.
BUT I have fortitude (my guides have told me this phrase several times when I have been feeling low).

I don’t respond to people who are ‘just asking questions’ but who obviously want to start a debate/convince me of their truths. If people want the information I hold, or advice from my perspective, I will happily share. I want to share but only when I think it would be helpful to others. I won’t encourage others’ insecurity about themselves and their beliefs by allowing them to attempt to ‘disprove’ mine. I see no benefit in battling with others at all, especially when I have already battled myself (and the conditioning I was brought up in I.e. Christianity). I think people see this as a sign of idiocy, like I should constantly be challenging my truths. Not that I don’t think it’s beneficial to do so if you feel inspired, but only if you feel inspired. But it should never be because other people are scared they are wrong about their own beliefs, and so convince you to engage with them.

I think what the majority of people who try to start a debate with me are really dealing with is fear. They want to know that what they believe is for sure and certain. But no one can give you certainty but yourself because everyone will always have a different opinion, because everyone has lived different lives and gone through different experiences that have shaped who they are and how they view the world. There is no objective reality, there is only the one you create for yourself.

Knowing who you are and staying true to yourself is a beautiful thing to do, as opposed to than doing anything but.

An Unedited Train of Thought

Today I am driving down to my parent’s house to see my sister and her boyfriend who have just returned from a trip to Bali. I am driving down in the coming moments because of a feeling of guilt and pressure… I want to see them but I don’t want to go travelling right now in this moments and quite probably not in the next few moments either (though all moments change within the previous (if we pretend the new moments exist in the previous moment, as we often do) and themselves…how lovely).
I also have to go to the pet shop to pick up a new collar for my friend’s cat who has lost her old one…he is away in Sydney and I said I’d look after her.

So, y’know, these things…I wish to do them, I do! But why am I halted? Why am I typing right now instead of moving? The answers elude me at this time. It would take some thinking. And I ‘don’t have the time’ to do so in this and the upcoming moments…
But time is an illusion and space is a dream we pretend is real… How lovely it would be to see things as they truly are, at all times. But then, we would not be here, we would not exist…because we would know everything. And where is the fun in that?

I often forget that this life is full of beauty and empowering moments. I too often yearn for the non-physical to become more of my reality than the physical, the one that I am here to live through and experience.

I then feel guilt that I do not remember the beauty and magnificence that this world holds. But it is relieved by knowing I am in the ‘prison planet’ where the strongest vibration emanating from the human collective consciousness is that of powerlessness…which means that the largest asking that emanates from humanity is the opposite – freedom.

I am walking towards freedom and I couldn’t know freedom without knowing the powerlessness. So I shall try to appreciate the feeling of powerlessness too, for the desire and knowing it has brought forth, the knowing of what freedom is.

Where else in the universe could one learn the bliss of freedom but in the place of powerlessness…? I suppose this world is beautiful after all.