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Healing The Emotional Body – Umbilical Trauma

“I did a healing of the emotional body/integration process a couple of hours ago. I have been sitting in reflection for awhile. I am feeling very energetically, ‘wiped’. I am sure I will sleep solidly this evening…
I started by purposely sinking into the emotion I had been feeling this afternoon. It was a combination of worry, anxiety and self-doubt. I sat with this feeling. I enhanced it. I said to this part of my being, “I am completely here with you now.” I felt it…”

“…I waited but nothing more came from that after a minute or so. So, then I asked myself, “When was the first time I experienced this exact feeling?” as directed in Teal’s process…

All of a sudden I was taken back to the scene of my birth. I was in the delivery room. I had just come out of the
caesarean birth. My point of perspective was…” [click to read more]

Featured Image: Hope by Teal Swan

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Death, Rebirth and Emerging Anew

I seem to be going through some kind of rebirth.

  • I have been surrounded by synchronicities of death in the last week. No one I know personally, but, others. Death always represents rebirth in my experience. Loss, yes, but then the inevitable birthing of the new that follows. Death itself is a rebirth, really, after all. You die, you go to ‘heaven’ (higher dimensions where lower vibrations such as the feelings of powerlessness, sadness, etc, all of those, are not and cannot ever be experienced), and you (usually) come back and are literally re-born as you incarnate once again.
  • I had a dream about vomiting last night – which symbolises releasing, or the need to release, emotions, thoughts, whatever you intuit – just something significant.
  • The last card I drew from my Oracle Card deck was ‘Dragonfly – Emergence’:
    “The goddess emerges from her gestation in the water transformed, with a renewed sense of power and purpose.” “You are in an intense process of emergence into the next cycle of your life. Unlike more gradual shifts in awareness you have experienced, this one is happening quite rapidly and came on somewhat unexpectedly, without any pauses for contemplation or indecision.” “This period of emergence is one of broadened consciousness and heightened perceptual capacities; and since it is inevitable, it is best to surrender to the flow and allow yourself to gracefully move into the next cycle of your life.”
  • I am officially tapering off of my anti depressants as of yesterday. Yes!
  • I have been having thoughts about going gluten free (which is better for the body in my opinion).
  • I finally found the courage to begin the process of de-calcifying my pineal gland (I had fears of not being able to handle the sensitivity to energy and non-physical entities that may come as a result).
  • I felt prompted to take charge of my health (remember to take my iron tablets, get a blood test to check iron and B12 levels (an important thing to do as a vegan) and liver function, thyroid, take flaxseed oil tablets (for omega 3), drink my vegan/raw/organic shake thing from time to time to ensure I get vitamin K2, which will allow me to better absorb vitamin D, which is something I am low on that I am in the midst of fixing (oh sunshine!).
    I then got a message from my spirit guides, through another psychic, that my health is indeed something I need to be focusing on.

I think my vibration is increasing and with it comes loss, to make room for the new, and I’m not worried about it.

The death thing is…odd though? Just feels weird. I guess simply because of societal conditioning, it’s always weird to notice/think about.

Also, speaking of vibration increasing, I had a dream that my dad got a financial bonus and that the sick budgie at my parents’ house got better – maybe I am becoming clairvoyant via my dreams? Or perhaps they were just a reflection of wishful thinking. We shall see. That’d be cool though. Never really had that before.

I will write more about going off of anti-depressants and it’s effects, and the deaths that surround, at a later time. I don’t have much inspiration to really really write just now, just wanted to get this unorganised train of thought down before I forgot it.

Edit: The Oracle Cards I have been using: Earth Magic: Oracle Cards

On Gaia and Ayers Rock/Uluru

Last night as I was lying in bed getting ready to go to sleep, I connected with Gaia (Earth). I came to know her as a living being…as I always have…but last night I think we got to another level and I revelled in my unique relationship with her. I understood that it is not compassion to pity her as I sometimes do/did and that she is stronger than she first appears (to me – when I look at the havoc we wreak upon her). I observed the strength in her energy, the majesty of the waves that move within her oceans and so on…

earth galaxy
I love her as if she were my mother, sister and child. All planets are sentient beings. It is comparable to the way that we are sentient whilst we also have an entire ecosystem of microbes and other such microscopic organisms within and upon us. Our blood is the ocean and the heart is the moon, moving the tides down the channels of our veins that exist just beneath the surface.

I did this, came to all this knowing, simply my closing my eyes and holding the intention to connect with Gaia. You can do it too, and I wholly implore you to, should you feel so inspired. Gaia so appreciates when the beings upon her express their gratitude and recognition of her service, and of her parental role to us. She wants to be seen as strong, especially at this time whilst it seems things are not going well for her – know that the best way to help someone, anyone, who is struggling is to envision them as strong, healthy and well – do not focus on their downfall or negative aspects of their situation, such conscious focus of energy only promotes more of these aspects (such resistant thinking simply stagnates any movement of energy, which is what is needed to promote growth) as opposed to the positive energy behind the mental focus of health and well being.

nature gaia
During this connection with Gaia I also queried my past, present and on going energetic understanding and personal connection with Ayers Rock/Uluru. As I questioned, my intuition provided such answers as “it is the womb” and “the place of birth”. Looking this up now, I see that Uluru is one of the Earth’s chakra points, which I knew about. But I didn’t know which one it was or what the energetic meaning of it might be exactly. Looking this up now, these intuitions of mine are confirmed:

“Uluru/Ayers Rock is believed by the native Aboriginals to be the beginning place where their ancestors were born into this realm… where life began. It emanates the root of where we come from as humans, and our connection to all humanity and beyond. Out of the void, in the middle of the vast Australian desert, emerges the huge electro-magnetic rock where life originated.” (More info @

I have had other experiences that allow me to conclude that not only is Ayers Rock/Uluru very important to me and my spiritual growth, but also the Aboriginal culture and some particular aspects of it – I have had a lot of synchronicities occur relative to such things – but I will go into all that another time/try to find the blog entry where I already wrote about it in my old tumblr blog…

I have a jar of red Earth from the base of Ayers Rock/Uluru that was gifted to me by a former co-worker after I had a dream of him doing so. I am still not sure what I am to do with it, but for now I like just having it, looking at it and admiring Gaia and all her different colours and her gifts.

Earth Chakra Diagrams
I would like to add that I have read/seen conflicting diagrams relative to which chakra is which upon the Earth. Personally, I’m not sure what’s what as I haven’t sought a personal intuitive answer to that query yet, at this point I just know what aspects of the energy I feel relative to this particular energy centre at Uluru/Ayers Rock, whichever chakra it may be.

world chakrasearth vortices map