In regards to being an “Indigo”…

Read this article – – and the following will become relevant and make sense:

I so recall being like, “But WHY?” to my teachers and parents over and over and then they’d get to, “Because that’s just how it is.” but that was never enough, “But WHY is that how it is?” it absolutely baffled me. And it confused me even more that others weren’t questioning it as well. And I always wondered how on Earth can people be like, “Oh well, that’s just how things are.” and not go insane with questions and a feeling of imprisonment! My Biology teacher was like, “ahhh, Rebecca, we need to get back on topic…” when she ran out of answers haha.

My dad was also very anti-why?? as well. You don’t ask those questions, you just do it (if being instructed for something) or just accept it. And I was aaalways like, “How can everyone be like this? How can everyone not see the amazingness? Why is everyone happy to lead such boring lives? Don’t they want to DO something? Something EXTRA-ordinary for themselves/others/the world?!”

….Ahh I’m just typing here to reiterate how much the WHY-ness characteristic resonates with me! I just find unquestioned acceptance of societal rules and restrictions and habits and all limiting traits of the present ‘normal’ within this world so confusing.
The lack of definitive answers for many of my questions resulted in this solid and unwavering belief: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Like, look at this crazy-ass lizard. It’s just like…freakin’ blue and has weird scales which are like…body toe-nails all over itself. It is tiny but runs through the world and looks up at everything bigger than it but gives no shits and continues to exist and live it’s life.


And that is just one piece of this ginormous blue weird space marble ball thing we are floating around on in this dark mysterious nothingness realm.