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Fractured Consciousness

“The creator being is a point of consciousness in a sea of many perspectives.
The creator being is like a telescope that has stretched farther than all other points of consciousness. The creator being is an investigator.
The creator being learns on behalf of Source, the ever expanding, pervading totality of all points of consciousness as one.

When the creator being comes down into the physical dimension there tends to be a lot of suffering. There is a fracturing, a splintering of consciousness that occurs over and over here in this realm.
As children we suffer deeply when we are taught to cut off pieces of ourselves in order to fit into society, to be labelled as normal, productive and conducive to this human society. But this is not humane. Because this was…” [click to read more]

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A Solstice of Self

Today I experience a second rebirth. A rebirth of the alignment between me and my higher self and my origin self.

I see the old parts of me wash away as though they are an ancient civilisation. That is what they have been likened to. I keep waking up with and just generally feeling energy running through my palms. I am realigning.

The part of me that did not know who she was, who lived in fear of her own self and emotion… she has been laid to rest. The tethers that bind are no more. This I know, today.

This process of realignment with the higher consciousness is one of such intangibility and of an undefinable nature. I want to write about it yet when I go to find the words it is as though they are wisps of air… no words for no definitions do fit this.

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I am so much more me today than I ever have been before. It is as if I am more whole. My words have a congruency to them they did not before. My soul, my air, my breath has a wholeness, a depth to it that I did not have before. And as stated, I do see this image in my mind once again… of the being that is or was me…now an ancient site of ruins, it can be learned from but not lived in.

I do not think it coincidence that this occurs on the Winter solstice. The day where the sun sleeps her longest night only to renew herself for the foreseeable future. She, like me, is transforming into a new self, her whole self… she is realigning and returning to the days spent as MORE herself. MORE Sun. I am grateful for her arms of light that I saw today. It has been a dreary week. But as I have felt myself take new breaths today, so has she, it seems. I do not think this alignment coincidence. We, the beings upon the Earth, We the beings within this Galaxy, We share the same cycle. We are cyclic in our states of renewal, rebirth, home and travel.

Today I decided to sit outside in the flickering rays of sunlight and channel something from Asteria (my higher self/Pleiadian self) to do with the Winter Solstice:

“It is of no coincidence that I am reborn again today. Many times I had rebirth. Many times I have shed.

Today is a day for the sun to shine as she does, if only for a short while.
When she rests she will wake renewed and replenished tomorrow, as do you.
She will be ready to start anew, as will you, and so you shall. It is not long for the Winter to pass new, not long at all.
As you go about your day and return to the bounty that Winter’s harvest has brought you, be reminded of all that you have and give thanks. It has been in chaos that we have found stillness and still the sun shines to you, just for you.
The Earth requests nothing but your respect for her bounty and your harvests this Winter. They are hers to share and yours to keep. Cherish them.
Become One (with her, the Earth, and also yourself) and you will always be full.”

– Asteria

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My Book – The Mystery

I am writing The Table of Contents for my book and I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing, it’s amazing. i have no idea what i'm doing space dog

Last night I wrote the first chapter title and 2 paragraphs on the subject.
I had a vision of it. I can see it. I’m not ‘writing’ it. I’m channelling it. I’m voicing it. I’m giving it life. It is very strange.

I got the name of the book a little while ago. I felt confronted by the name, the idea. It is a big topic and I felt fear with thoughts like, ‘what if I do it wrong?!’ and ‘I’m not good enough for that!’ as in, not professional enough, not experienced enough, not respected enough. However, it is not about that. It’s SO not about me. It’s about information. It’s about freedom. It’s about sharing. It’s about helping in the name of unity.

I feel like I’ve been ’employed’ by the divine. IT SOUNDS SO WEIRD haha but that is the only way I can think to describe how it feels. It’s like I’m the typist, I’m the vessel. Oh, that’s so dramatic too… but it is apt.

I want to share it. I want to write it out here, sort of. But it is to be birthed later. For now it is in a stage of creation. Like cells dividing and multiplying in the early stages of creating… It is a mystery that takes on it’s own direction. It’s own mission. It is on a role and I’m just ‘watching’. Holy crap. Man. Whoa.

This entry barely makes sense, I know. But… this is how it goes, apparently!

I suppose all I can do is have faith and trust in the power of what Source is yet to unfold.

(I realised something today. You are not a fraction of Source. You are A FRACTAL. You are the whole individuated into what appears as an extension but is truly expansion. It is horizontal, not vertical. It is duplication, not division. It is fractal in nature, all the way across.)

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Messages from Archangel Azrael and The One

One of my cats, Uriel died on Sunday.

I asked Archangel Azrael (the angel of death) to be with me and help me understand.
I keep seeing myself and my other cats wrapped in giant angel wings. In an almost tangible kind of way. I am grateful.
Azrael started speaking to me a little while ago. I wrote down what he was saying.

To preface this message so it makes a bit more sense –
I had been thinking about Uriel’s role in my life. When she first came to me I sensed she was going to help me with the energies of forgiveness. This was just an intuition I received. It also aligns with the frequency of her name which is that of the Archangel Uriel who amongst other things, works with energies of forgiveness. (This was not the reason I called her Uriel, that intuition about forgiveness came after I had named her. I named her Uriel because I had a dream that her name was to be ‘Angel’ yet it did not feel 100% right so I looked up the angel names and as my eyes settled on, ‘Uriel’ I knew it to be hers). I had some forgiving to do for certain people in my life.

Leading up to the day Uriel left I had been thinking about forgiveness. I had realised one of the reasons I was still struggling to move on from a previous break up was because I had not offered forgiveness. The day before she died I was watching a YouTube video from a spiritual teacher who was talking about the importance of forgiveness… forgiveness of the self. I pondered the idea that I had not yet approached idea of forgiveness being needed for me, from me. I wrote the word ‘forgiveness’ down in a note on the computer.

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Uriel and I

Uriel also really knew how to hold space for me not only when I was in emotional distress but in actuality, all the time. She somehow energetically always provided me with what I can only describe as an intangible ‘love bubble’. She loved. She would put her paw on my heart when I was sad and also pour loving energy all through my being.
I also sensed her to be ‘transient’. I cannot explain that really. I didn’t know what it meant. I just used to think, ‘oh, she’s a transient one’, like an intuitive thought. I didn’t know what it meant. I do now. In the moments of shock and trauma and absolute searing pain I experienced in the first hour that she had passed I still received these words, ‘transient’. As I said, I get it now.


“You did not go through this experience to suffer. You went through this experience to make change. A being does not leave because it is time. A being leaves because it is a new time. And so it is. For you, too.

What you must expect of yourself is not what others do but what you do, what you feel, what ever you matter to you is how you will process this experience.

The transient effect of death, the nature of it’s form of exit is a harsh one for some to experience. As a child of the crystal age you are one who experiences the depths of loss frequently. Everyday we give birth to loss. Everyday there is change to be had and time to be worn on, time to move on. We are not lost when death comes to call but rather awakened to what we were asleep within.

Our times are ever changing in this current age, dear child, and so too the animals seek to move from what is being destroyed in terms of change (the changing of the dimensions at this time) and they move into the higher dimensions to facilitate the perfect destruction to give birth to creation, that must take place in aid of this coming and yet almost already come to be shift.

Your cat, Uriel was not one for long to this world for she had many other jobs to take care of. As an angel of the light she could not be incarnate in her body long. It was just enough for you to facilitate this birthing of forgiveness and understanding of the heart that you had long held lost. She came with you in this journey. Her heart is always within yours as yours is within mine and we are all together one under the light of the all.

She was a transient being as you have sensed, yes. She was an awakening one. She was one to awaken within you what was needed at this time and then she made her departure.

It is not wrong for you to feel this way nor is it wrong for her to have left in this way or left at all. She came to you for special reason and now it is known by you and for you. The time has come for the archangels to draw nearer to you in your time of awakening to the birth of the new – the loss of the old. Change disrupts and change changes us but it is always for the better or it would never have come to be.

The Earth spins on her axis for yet another day, as do you at this time. She is watching over you, this little one, and she came to tell you that she is and that she is with the I Am, the I Am in you. You will miss her but her journey has not gone far. She is awake in you as she was the one to awaken you. She is very troublesome and cheeky in this way.

She says she came to be with you in your time of crisis of spiritual and emotional crisis and transitory time. There is not an empty space in your heart for her as you envision because she is in your heart as you have envisioned. All change comes to a close but it does not stop. It simply changes.”

– Archangel Azrael

Previous to this message I received a brief message from The One. I actually had a job interview to go to today. I did not know if I could bring myself to go, if I should go. I feel incredibly sad, frequently break out in tears at random moments and I also feel physically unwell – very tired, headache, sore throat (I had a cold coming on the life of which I am sure has been extended because of my sadness). When the time came that I should start getting ready I was still unsure. I asked for a sign or message from my guides. I got a comment on a post on Facebook that said ‘do what is best for you now, in this moment’. I knew that to be my sign. Moments later I briefly second guessed this. That was when I received this message very clearly:

“All that we would ask is that you consider what is best at the present moment. Your mind is weary, your body is tired, your heart heavy. You are heart heavy. This is one of the most painful emotions or ways of being that a human being can experience. To put pressure on that system of infrastructure to go away is the same as putting pressure on a tentative pipeline. The pipes can burst, the water can break. Toxicity levels are high at this time and freedom is not found in worrying about the future. All that you have is the now (as we have stated previously). Through this experience you will learn the vitality of the now, and the virtue of the now and of being in and of the now. Rest, dear one, now for that is what it is time for, now.”

– The One

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A Channeled Message from The One about Change and Time

Lately I have been feeling weird, blank and low vibrational. I tend to mentally beat myself up when I get like this. I feel like it’s not okay for me as a spiritual teacher or intuitive being to fall into low vibrations. I often feel as though I will be thought as less than or that my material will be devalued so I tend to just get mad at myself when I feel negatively focused.
But. That is part of what is changing at the moment.
The new wave of spiritual teachers or beings’ way is to be authentic. Authentic in sadness, in joy, in strength, in weakness, in loss, in faith, in lost and in found.

So below is a message about that^ from the group consciousness I channel known as The One… It is also about the changing of ‘time’. In the last little while my feeling of time and linear time has been disintegrating… subtly, but it’s there. It has felt strange and weird and chaotic to me… So this message holds some answers about that too.

So, this is a message that began as more of a personal message to me from The One, but it applies to all of us and goes on to share important information:

“WE are here with you now. It is okay to be a dreamer, to be a sun.

Sometimes the saddest stories are the ones we write ourselves.

WE are with you in your darkest times.

It is okay to not always see the light. It is okay to not always smile. There is yellow in the sun but not everyone sees the same colours. To some, all looks gray. All appears dreary and rainy with no sun at all. It is okay to be in the shadow of loss, or loss and love, and chaos and dichotomy. It is okay. Go where your feelings take you and you will find the rainbow at the end of it all. But first you must allow and receive, not take away from yourself through anger at yourself for feeling lower vibrations or what you deem as lower of vibration.

You are a child of the god or universal energy. You are a god of universal energy, the universe itself, you experience all arrays of all emotions including sadness and sunlessness and sunshine and loss and scouring the echoes of the past for reasons that no longer exist…? This happens too, but we deem it as okay. You should deem it as okay. It is what makes you, you (the learning from it).
Humans are so very caught up in what is and what is not, how things should be versus how they are not but listen when we tell you: it is time for change and growth and with that we must do away with all judgements and all precursors or pre-knowings of situations, assumptions, yes… Assumptions about what you think must be done in certain terms and situations based on the past. The time for change is now and with the changing of time comes allowing of the new. Allow the unsurety. Allow the hierarchy to fall. Your rules no longer apply in the now, in the newness of the now, the real NOW.

There is so much time and you always think you have so little but there is always time because time is a duality purposed construct that is FALLING AWAY at this time. It is falling and it is only seemingly chaotically. It is not actually because the chaos is in non-linearity itself.

You were not actually a linear creature before you came here. You were sewn into the earth to follow progress with the time and the turn of the sun’s shades and the earth’s spin, the dress of the illusion of time (as we have stated before), but now, you as a flower (this flower of time), that time is done. The time is ripe to fall from the tree and grow again. You sought so much for this. You sought so much and sought and sought. It is time to stop seeking and to turn away from all that you knew and begin to CREATE NEW. The rules are out the window. The chaos is gone; you just enhance it with your addiction to the rules themselves. Let no one stand in your way in the doorway of your newness. You are a whole, complete creator. You are the Earth as she turns and the soul in the stars as well. You are the ALL. And so it is.”

– The One

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