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A Channeled Message from The One about Change and Time

Lately I have been feeling weird, blank and low vibrational. I tend to mentally beat myself up when I get like this. I feel like it’s not okay for me as a spiritual teacher or intuitive being to fall into low vibrations. I often feel as though I will be thought as less than or that my material will be devalued so I tend to just get mad at myself when I feel negatively focused.
But. That is part of what is changing at the moment.
The new wave of spiritual teachers or beings’ way is to be authentic. Authentic in sadness, in joy, in strength, in weakness, in loss, in faith, in lost and in found.

So below is a message about that^ from the group consciousness I channel known as The One… It is also about the changing of ‘time’. In the last little while my feeling of time and linear time has been disintegrating… subtly, but it’s there. It has felt strange and weird and chaotic to me… So this message holds some answers about that too.

So, this is a message that began as more of a personal message to me from The One, but it applies to all of us and goes on to share important information:

“WE are here with you now. It is okay to be a dreamer, to be a sun.

Sometimes the saddest stories are the ones we write ourselves.

WE are with you in your darkest times.

It is okay to not always see the light. It is okay to not always smile. There is yellow in the sun but not everyone sees the same colours. To some, all looks gray. All appears dreary and rainy with no sun at all. It is okay to be in the shadow of loss, or loss and love, and chaos and dichotomy. It is okay. Go where your feelings take you and you will find the rainbow at the end of it all. But first you must allow and receive, not take away from yourself through anger at yourself for feeling lower vibrations or what you deem as lower of vibration.

You are a child of the god or universal energy. You are a god of universal energy, the universe itself, you experience all arrays of all emotions including sadness and sunlessness and sunshine and loss and scouring the echoes of the past for reasons that no longer exist…? This happens too, but we deem it as okay. You should deem it as okay. It is what makes you, you (the learning from it).
Humans are so very caught up in what is and what is not, how things should be versus how they are not but listen when we tell you: it is time for change and growth and with that we must do away with all judgements and all precursors or pre-knowings of situations, assumptions, yes… Assumptions about what you think must be done in certain terms and situations based on the past. The time for change is now and with the changing of time comes allowing of the new. Allow the unsurety. Allow the hierarchy to fall. Your rules no longer apply in the now, in the newness of the now, the real NOW.

There is so much time and you always think you have so little but there is always time because time is a duality purposed construct that is FALLING AWAY at this time. It is falling and it is only seemingly chaotically. It is not actually because the chaos is in non-linearity itself.

You were not actually a linear creature before you came here. You were sewn into the earth to follow progress with the time and the turn of the sun’s shades and the earth’s spin, the dress of the illusion of time (as we have stated before), but now, you as a flower (this flower of time), that time is done. The time is ripe to fall from the tree and grow again. You sought so much for this. You sought so much and sought and sought. It is time to stop seeking and to turn away from all that you knew and begin to CREATE NEW. The rules are out the window. The chaos is gone; you just enhance it with your addiction to the rules themselves. Let no one stand in your way in the doorway of your newness. You are a whole, complete creator. You are the Earth as she turns and the soul in the stars as well. You are the ALL. And so it is.”

– The One

Featured Image: Devotion by Nik Helbig

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Intense Spiritual and Psychic Development

Hey everyone,

I know I said that I would write more as I had information pouring out my ears…but lately something else has been happening… I have been going through some kind of ‘awakening’. I have a half written article about it coming. The gist of it is that I have discovered, then had it confirmed by another intuitive, that my awareness of the non-physical realms is increasing, particularly relative to clairvoyance. My third eye is very much in a stage of truly opening. It is already open with my inner sight, but my ‘outer’ sight (where you see non-physical things with your actual eyes instead of as images in the mind) is dramatically increasing:

I am starting to truly see thought forms (ghosts), my principle spirit guide, auras (unprompted, without effort) etc. It’s cool and crazy and as I said, I’m writing an article about it at present.

Additionally, my awareness and connection with my principle spirit guide is growing much stronger. I can hear her and see her ‘more’ in my mind with my inner clairaudience and inner clairvoyance… It is like I can *almost* hear her tone of voice (instead of it sounding like my own inner mind voice) and I can see much more detail, she almost looks very physical. It’s weird. It’s like the projected image is being seen somewhere in the middle, between external and internal vision.  It reminds me of the time when I had what I named a ‘Split Consciousness Out of Body Experience (which I wrote about in this blog post). I have also seen her as a small blinking/glowing light in my mind’s eye (yet, again, it was almost physical – so bright I felt like I had to ‘blink’ within my mind’s eye) and with my physical eyes in that same form aaand last night she appeared to me as a quick flash of a glow/light.

Also, I had a ‘dream’ where I woke up in the dream (so kind of a lucid dream I guess) where I was going out of body… I could physically feel all of the vibrations, the falling sensations, the ringing in the ears both in this ‘dream’ and as I started to actually wake up. It was really intense and crazy. This has never happened before. I once felt the falling sensation when I was meditating and I know that was me almost going out body, but it startled me so I wasn’t able to actually get out (because you need complete mental and physical relaxation to project). I have also felt the light numbing and then tingling vibrations that come with deep meditation and the beginnings of the energy body preparing to go out of body. But never anything full on like this experience. Anyway, as I was saying, I always thought it would be just a more intense tingling with the falling sensation…but no, it was this almost scary THUNDERING and LOUD experience, like an internal EARTHQUAKE. I liken it to the metaphor of me as an aeroplane landing and also trying to take off (in the dream part I was *trying and failing* to get out body whereas when I woke up, I was ‘landing’).

It’s crazy/cool.

I have also felt myself randomly going into channelling mode. I haven’t let that go to full fruition because it is weird for it to happen all of a sudden. It kind of freaks me out/I’m like, “but I don’t feeeel like it”. Which is weird and not so mature but yea, it just all so new and weird. But at the same time I am SO HAPPY that this is happening. I like feeling a stronger connection to my spirit guide particularly as I struggle with loneliness in my life these days…

Anyway, this article about this as I mentioned earlier is coming soon. It is also about how I recently learnt that I have a crystal aura. The meaning of this is huge. The reason that I was struggling to figure out my own aura colour (when I can easily do so for others) is because I was picking up others’ aura colours/energy in my own field – I kept thinking, “Okay, I’m definitely blue. Wait, no I must be a violet. Definitely a violet.” but then I would feel doubt and have a lingering sense of confusion…

A crystal aura is clear and just light. Just like pure white light, it holds every colour on the spectrum. This clearness and purity means that I very very easily pick up others’ aura colour/energy and reflect it in my own/back to them (and to myself when I’m trying to have a look at my own aura).
It also explains why I am so damn sensitive – emotionally, physically, everything I.e. energetically.

Anyway, that’s what’s up right now in my spiritual life.

In my emotional life I am currently having difficulties with family and friends, that’s pretty lame and hard. I will probably write about that in the near future.

For now, know that I love you and I thank you for reading.

– Becc (Rebecca Elizabeth Anne) xoxo

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LIVE, FREE EVENT: Q & A/Meditation/Hangout with Rebecca Elizabeth Anne and Yona Curtis.

Hey everyone,

I have an announcement!

My wonderful and wise friend Yona Curtis (Shaman, Toroidal Energy Healer, Higher Communicator and more) and I have created an Online Q and A/Meditation/Hangout Event (Via YouTube/Google+ Hangouts).

This free event is open to all and has been created to provide a platform where you can ask us your questions about pretty much anything related to spirituality and the energetic universe.

Click here or on the image below to check out the Facebook event page. More details coming soon.
(Link to convert time zone:

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P.S. Cats (x3) may be present on my end of things. This event is cat approved.

Higher Light Channelling from The Pleiadians (On Freedom)

Hi all,

Just a note to say that I received a channelled message from the collective of Pleiadian beings I am associated with recently.

I’ve created it as an article on my main site. Check it out if you feel inspired. It is about Freedom and that the time of Awakening is NOW.


“We are moving into a stage of great awakenings. A time of strength and joy that has never been apparent even in the highest stages of Earth time. In all decades of your solar system time has never seemed so new…”

” …You are the voice of your reality. Reality is entirely malleable. Better yet to remember: your thoughts are the voice of your reality.” [Click to read more…]

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Just a note to say:

There is a HOLIDAYSPECIAL on at the main site for my ANIMAL COMMUNICATION AND PSYCHIC CHANNELLING services at the moment.

cat interview christmas
Please go to the ‘pay for services’ page over at my main site, for more information.

“It is my greatest intention to teach, learn, commune and heal.”

Embodying Your Higher Self Meditation

Embodying Your Higher Self Meditation by Solara An-Ra

I highly recommend this meditation if you wish to experience feelings of unity and oneness with others and a general sense of inner strength and consequential peace. – That is my experience of this meditation anyway.

That which we call the higher self or soul self is the you that is ‘whole’ and fully aware of your multidimensional nature. Being in this state (and practising aligning with it) will make it easier for you to hold an awareness of the other dimensions within your day-to-day consciousness. As such, higher dimensional information and guidance will be more readily available. 🙂 It’s all just a matter of re-connection.

Solara An-Ra is an amazing guide, check out her website that has a lot of free meditations available to play and/or download @

Thoughts for the Future

I have so many things to write about but I just don’t seem to be able to get a big boost of inspiration for it all all at once…so I’m making this entry so I have list of these things that I wish to discuss so I don’t forget / you, reader, may find yourself intrigued:

Intense world-flipping-upside-down and something-about-planetary-movements dream.

Relationships and dating (bringing to the table my recent experience with the latter).

The being that is ‘Seth’ (from the Seth Speaks books by Jane Roberts) and surrounding synchronicity relative to him/her/these books.
Movement from within my path of spiritual growth…from stagnation to propulsion
Experiencing the sensation of oneness/expansion of myself

Being more confident in my ability to intuit my own answers to spiritual (and regular) queries that pop into my head I.e. easily, randomly channelling Source, or the Akash, or my Higher Self (they’re all the same, as all is one) and trust in what I receive.

Yellow car synchronicities and winning monetary competition/s.

Trusting my inner, psychic vision way more when it comes to reading auras and medical intuition.

Something about family.

Something about money.

Sudden increase of interest relative to fashion.

P.s. I dyed my hair back to almost-white-blonde. I am the Khaleesi:

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Just me and my dragon, hanging out.

Channelling from Guides and Meditation

Channelling just Received:

“Sometimes you will just feel an urge to channel like this and things will go smoothly. Other times it may take a while. But it’s all the same in the end. You are always aligned with us even in your darkest moments. Don’t worry. Don’t worry.
Guidance at this time is a necessity in your incarnation. We are here for you. We are here for you. We sense your overwhelming sadness and we extend ourselves to you. You are NOT alone. Train yourself with us and we can show you how very alone you are NOT.”
/vision: reaching out of arms with pink energy, white gown, golden hair and light – 6 beings

“Every emotion you feel, we feel it to. We are connected. We are as one. You’re going to be alright. Becc, in due time. And everything leads to a greater song. All the sad songs, they make up the symphony.
Know that you are not alone.”

I used a small quartz sphere today during meditation. I wasn’t sure why, I just felt the intuition to hold it (him…I think it’s a him).
I asked why this was so after the meditation. I learnt that the spherical shape is good for aligning the spine and thus aligning with columns of energy that I was connecting to between Gaia, the Galaxy (source) and myself. The quartz sphere’s energetic grid is just perfectly evenly structured and thus well suited to this kind of meditation.

fairy bird art

I really felt the being that is Gaia during this meditation (during the part where one grounds oneself to Gaia and creates a light column that suspends you, or rather, your vibration between Gaia and the Galaxy (source).
I really love Gaia. I just really resonate with her as…’as a person’?
She is so big and grand and majestic, and so giving and sometimes sad (I will never forget one time at my previous workplace that I was doing a very quick grounding exercise during my break at my desk and as I did this, I got this intense wave of just sadness and grief from Gaia and I felt such compassion and empathy…it was one of my rare, truly energetically empathic moments. I’m still not sure why she sent that to me so randomly. But I sent her love back anyway and we were both alright). But she is mostly grand and so aware of her part in this universe and her responsibility and she lives with us without judgement and without anger at what we may do to/upon her… She knows herself, her role and us. She loves us so, so dearly. She truly is The Mother.

The meditation I did just now is the Pleiadian Essential Daily Practises by Solara An-Ra.
It’s very good and all inclusive…what I mean is that it covers grounding to Earth, aligning with source, balancing chakras and bringing in unconditional love. Very thorough, with even cleansing.

It is ‘me and Solara’s’ meditation. : ) It is very special to me because it is the one where we do channelled somatic movement therapy together. Basically every time I do it, I get ‘the urge’ (aka channelled energy flows through to guide my movements) to move in slow swaying movements as I sit cross legged. I am guided to move my hands and body around in all sorts of ways. E.g. Doing a prayer movement or creating a triangle shape with my hands, roll my neck, stretch my arms in different shapes, hold my palms to my third eye area…many different things. As it turns out, this is me being guided by my primary guide, Solara An Ra.
Its purpose is to align my system, clear my energetic meridians and ultimately bend and play with my genetic helix (of light) to allow higher energies to come through. Repeated sessions of this will result in my frequency rising to the point where I will be able to align with my Pleiadian guide/s, higher self, brothers and sisters more so than at present, so that I can channel Pleiadian messages of love and information smoothly and accurately to the masses.

It has all been a very interesting experience!

Love to anyone reading this.

P.S. The message offered to me by my guides about definitely being NOT alone…it is extended to YOU too.
You are NOT alone. You are so very un-alone. You are surrounded. You are loved. I love you.
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Ascended Masters/Angel Numbers

I had a dream about ‘ascended masters’ last night. All I know about it is that I woke up with that phrase in my head. Then I noticed just now that I have 333 Facebook friends at the moment.

(The idea with spirituality and numbers is: noticing numbers and number sequences are a message from your angels, spirit guides and/or higher beings. Each number holds unique characteristics within it’s energy. Seeing 3 of any number is an expression of it’s energy surrounding you but it is tripled, quadrupled if you see 4 and so on and so on.)

spirit guides

You’re never alone, not really. As much as I sometimes say that I am when experiencing grief…it is these messages that offer me the faith that I am surrounded by love, once again. Just by the way, this image very accurately depicts what I have seen when I have dreamt of participating in spiritual activities and guidance in the higher realms. 🙂

Information on 3 and 333:

From Doreen Virtue:

333 – The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love, and companionship. Call upon the Ascended Masters often, especially when you see the number 3 patterns around you. Some of the more famous Ascended Masters include: Jesus, Moses, Mary, Quan Yin, and Yogananda.”


I am receiving the intuition that these characteristics mentioned in this article are the ones relevant to me:

“The number 3 relates to encouragement, assistance, communication, growth, expansion, the principles of increase, expression, openness, broadminded thinking, faith, hope and charity, freedom-seeking, brave, brilliant, an open-channel, free-form, rhythm, surprise, intelligence, self-expression, imagination and manifesting your desires.”

The ultimate message I am receiving is:
There are 3 ascended masters now transferring the energy of new ideas and openness to me. The things I should focus more on are hope and faith. I am to have  faith in myself and the universe as I create it around me… I am to hold faith that I am brilliant and brave…and know that I am imaginative and assisted.

I encourage anyone who finds this entry interesting to have a look at Numerology, Astrology and “Angel Numbers” and their intertwining relationships.

“I Trust myself to Create” – Teal Swan Vibrational Artwork:

creativitiy teal swan

I Trust myself to Create – Teal Swan

“The vibration of trusting/having confidence in your ability to create enjoyable experiences for yourself and what is in line with your highest good. A very good frequency for anyone who is stuck in victim mentality or who does not trust themselves or other people.”

You can view more of Teal’s artwork, download images and check out prints and products at:


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…