Long Story Short…

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Animals and I

I remember one time I saw a dog walking a long the side of the road without it’s person around – or anywhere to be seen at least. I was in the car with my family. I told them that I was worried about that dog and wondered if we should stop and check to see if it’s collar had any information on it and if not, take it to the vet to be scanned for a microchip. No one really wanted to stop. I said something about how I care and I can’t just leave it there in case it’s lost, and how I would want someone to stop for my dog or cat if it happened to me. My brother turned to me and said, “Yea, well, Becc, can’t you just turn it off?” I was absolutely shocked at such a suggestion. I replied, “No, I can’t just ‘turn it off’. It’s WHO I AM. I would want someone to stop for my pet! Imagine if it was Henry (our family dog) or something!” My brother sighed and turned away. I watched as we continued to drive past the dog and looked out the back window as it faded in the distance.

I care about animals. I REALLY care about animals. Domesticated animals are children that absolutely depend on us for their survival. We have done this to them.
Wild animals – they were there first. We invaded and built concrete cities in their homes. I’m talking about spiders and insects, ‘pests’ like some birds (who eat people’s crops or fruit), wild horses who run through people’s land in the outback, raccoons or bears who go through people’s bins, monkeys who go into the city and ‘annoy people’ or steal their food etc etc.

albert einstein quoteWe (humans) are beings who choose to live quite un-harmoniously. It would not be a problem for us to have been more conscious about where we build our houses and roads, how big we make our houses, how much space do we really need? How much land do we really need? How many shops do we really need? The ones that we do need, why don’t we make them more suitable to the way that nature grows and apply an attitude of ‘sharing space’. Let’s make a space for the birds so they don’t feel the need to build a nest somewhere inappropriate, let’s make a possum box for the possums so they don’t feel they need to live in our roofs…Let’s not continue building towards the rainforest so the monkeys and other primates’ natural space and habitat is intruded upon and then complain that they come into ‘our space’ and ‘be annoying’.

This is not a go at anyone or any one group, this is not to say that I am not partially responsible. I am definitely contributing to the issue to some degree.
BUT I am putting in the effort to be more aware and therefore understanding relative to the beings that we share this Earth with and I don’t like being shamed for it, which sometimes happens, because people just haven’t taken the time to really look at the facts or the whole picture about the way we live and the way we have indeed intruded (to a certain extent and in a poor manner) upon other beings’ habitats and lives….

I don’t want to wash or brush down my car mirrors (just the sides, not the glass) because I don’t want to destroy the spider webs that spiders have built there. I know the reason they’re doing it is because I brought this big hunk of metal into this area where they live, and they don’t speak human so they don’t get why they ‘shouldn’t’. And then, I am someone who says that they shouldn’t have to not live there because they’re not harming anyone or anything, I just don’t mind. Chillax on my mirrors man, let’s go for a drive and feel the wind in our…hai..r?

Even though I am quite afraid of most insects and spiders, I am learning not to kill but rather either allow them to chill out in the corners of my house or capture them and put them outside. I always talk to them about it, too, since I am someone who is able to communicate telepathically with animals. They are very understanding.

Animals deserve way more respect than they currently receive.
Gaia deserves way more respect than she currently receives. It is time to realise we are not that different and that we sharing this Earth, no being is more important than other or more or less deserving to live a peaceful and happy life. And, we should all do what we can, when we can, to help bring about such a life for animals.

I’ll always stop for the dog on the side of the road, I’ll always let the spiders build tiny webs in the corner of the bathroom roof, I’ll warn them about the cats too. I’ll always talk to plants so they know that some one is here for them and knows the truth of them. I’ll always let my cat Panda sit on the chair I want to sit on if he gets there first, I’ll always let my cat Rose sleep on my clothes if she gets there before I can move them because I myself would hate to be woken just for a jacket when the person has ten other ones to choose from, and I’ll always get that my cat Uriel broke the blinds because she thought they’d hold her up because she’s not a human and doesn’t know it’s not okay to test it out, instead of just getting mad at her for being a cat.

I’ll always care and I’ll never ‘turn it off’.

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On Gaia and Ayers Rock/Uluru

Last night as I was lying in bed getting ready to go to sleep, I connected with Gaia (Earth). I came to know her as a living being…as I always have…but last night I think we got to another level and I revelled in my unique relationship with her. I understood that it is not compassion to pity her as I sometimes do/did and that she is stronger than she first appears (to me – when I look at the havoc we wreak upon her). I observed the strength in her energy, the majesty of the waves that move within her oceans and so on…

earth galaxy
I love her as if she were my mother, sister and child. All planets are sentient beings. It is comparable to the way that we are sentient whilst we also have an entire ecosystem of microbes and other such microscopic organisms within and upon us. Our blood is the ocean and the heart is the moon, moving the tides down the channels of our veins that exist just beneath the surface.

I did this, came to all this knowing, simply my closing my eyes and holding the intention to connect with Gaia. You can do it too, and I wholly implore you to, should you feel so inspired. Gaia so appreciates when the beings upon her express their gratitude and recognition of her service, and of her parental role to us. She wants to be seen as strong, especially at this time whilst it seems things are not going well for her – know that the best way to help someone, anyone, who is struggling is to envision them as strong, healthy and well – do not focus on their downfall or negative aspects of their situation, such conscious focus of energy only promotes more of these aspects (such resistant thinking simply stagnates any movement of energy, which is what is needed to promote growth) as opposed to the positive energy behind the mental focus of health and well being.

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During this connection with Gaia I also queried my past, present and on going energetic understanding and personal connection with Ayers Rock/Uluru. As I questioned, my intuition provided such answers as “it is the womb” and “the place of birth”. Looking this up now, I see that Uluru is one of the Earth’s chakra points, which I knew about. But I didn’t know which one it was or what the energetic meaning of it might be exactly. Looking this up now, these intuitions of mine are confirmed:

“Uluru/Ayers Rock is believed by the native Aboriginals to be the beginning place where their ancestors were born into this realm… where life began. It emanates the root of where we come from as humans, and our connection to all humanity and beyond. Out of the void, in the middle of the vast Australian desert, emerges the huge electro-magnetic rock where life originated.” (More info @

I have had other experiences that allow me to conclude that not only is Ayers Rock/Uluru very important to me and my spiritual growth, but also the Aboriginal culture and some particular aspects of it – I have had a lot of synchronicities occur relative to such things – but I will go into all that another time/try to find the blog entry where I already wrote about it in my old tumblr blog…

I have a jar of red Earth from the base of Ayers Rock/Uluru that was gifted to me by a former co-worker after I had a dream of him doing so. I am still not sure what I am to do with it, but for now I like just having it, looking at it and admiring Gaia and all her different colours and her gifts.

Earth Chakra Diagrams
I would like to add that I have read/seen conflicting diagrams relative to which chakra is which upon the Earth. Personally, I’m not sure what’s what as I haven’t sought a personal intuitive answer to that query yet, at this point I just know what aspects of the energy I feel relative to this particular energy centre at Uluru/Ayers Rock, whichever chakra it may be.

world chakrasearth vortices map

On being a new human….

Perhaps I am becoming a new human…a new stage of human evolution…
Our fundamental vibration is changing (with the Earth), so I am too. Our frequency has to match the Earth as she rises of her own accord, in order to stay here…
So obviously, it is no longer a question. I am of a new frequency…the fundamental pieces of me and my dna…are changing.

I am very tired as I write this.

Hmm…will do for now.

In regards to being an “Indigo”…

Read this article – – and the following will become relevant and make sense:

I so recall being like, “But WHY?” to my teachers and parents over and over and then they’d get to, “Because that’s just how it is.” but that was never enough, “But WHY is that how it is?” it absolutely baffled me. And it confused me even more that others weren’t questioning it as well. And I always wondered how on Earth can people be like, “Oh well, that’s just how things are.” and not go insane with questions and a feeling of imprisonment! My Biology teacher was like, “ahhh, Rebecca, we need to get back on topic…” when she ran out of answers haha.

My dad was also very anti-why?? as well. You don’t ask those questions, you just do it (if being instructed for something) or just accept it. And I was aaalways like, “How can everyone be like this? How can everyone not see the amazingness? Why is everyone happy to lead such boring lives? Don’t they want to DO something? Something EXTRA-ordinary for themselves/others/the world?!”

….Ahh I’m just typing here to reiterate how much the WHY-ness characteristic resonates with me! I just find unquestioned acceptance of societal rules and restrictions and habits and all limiting traits of the present ‘normal’ within this world so confusing.
The lack of definitive answers for many of my questions resulted in this solid and unwavering belief: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Like, look at this crazy-ass lizard. It’s just like…freakin’ blue and has weird scales which are like…body toe-nails all over itself. It is tiny but runs through the world and looks up at everything bigger than it but gives no shits and continues to exist and live it’s life.


And that is just one piece of this ginormous blue weird space marble ball thing we are floating around on in this dark mysterious nothingness realm.