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When Pets Misbehave

“My cat, Panda, walks around meowing at seemingly nothing a lot. He also runs around crazily at random moments for no apparent reason. This behaviour has sometimes driven me insane…

As an animal communicator, I can tell you there is always…” [read more]

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For All of This Energy

For all of this energy

There’s something swimming in the water
An unidentified beast below
Who we I have misjudged so eloquently
She swims by with her arms like swans
So beautifully

For all of this
I still do not know
How I am standing
How I am floating

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

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LIVE, FREE EVENT: Q & A/Meditation/Hangout with Rebecca Elizabeth Anne and Yona Curtis.

Hey everyone,

I have an announcement!

My wonderful and wise friend Yona Curtis (Shaman, Toroidal Energy Healer, Higher Communicator and more) and I have created an Online Q and A/Meditation/Hangout Event (Via YouTube/Google+ Hangouts).

This free event is open to all and has been created to provide a platform where you can ask us your questions about pretty much anything related to spirituality and the energetic universe.

Click here or on the image below to check out the Facebook event page. More details coming soon.
(Link to convert time zone:

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P.S. Cats (x3) may be present on my end of things. This event is cat approved.

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The Knowledge Keeper is Imploding

I feel like I am some kind of ‘knowledge keeper’. Like, I am just so full of information on metaphysics, the nature of consciousness, energy and all of that to the point where I am like, exploding – or rather imploding, because I’m not getting it out enough. I will start to write more articles. It is time. I realised (well actually, I consistently re-realise this because I forget because I get discouraged because I am human… but I think this time I got it) even if only like, 2 people read it – it is helping them and it is helping the collective (to receive spiritual or higher knowledge that they might otherwise be unaware of).

….To the keyboard!

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Intuitive Readings

Just a note to say that I am now offering Intuitive Readings.
As a spiritual intuitive, one of my skills involves being able to ‘read’ a person’s energy and provide them with answers, guidance and information regarding their life and personal growth. I am now utilising that skill to help others. I’m excited about it.

Intuitive Readings by Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

Intuitive readings are provided as an opportunity for you to understand yourself, your life and events or situations you experience, from a higher perspective.

Intuitive reading is the art of acquiring information through extra sensory means. This information is that which is not immediately obvious from one’s physical perspective. It is not only the acquiring of information and illumination, but also the acquiring of guidance that can lead to improvement in one’s life on many levels… (Click to continue reading)

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You can order a ‘standard’ or a ‘mini’ intuitive reading. Because intuitive reading is energy based, you may order one no matter where you are.

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Cymbalta (SNRI Medication) Tapering Off/Withdrawal

I think it’s been almost a week since I took my last (30mg) Cymbalta (Duloxetine HCI) tablet.
The following is what I have been experiencing as result:

  • Chills/hot flushes – sometimes in separate areas on my body e.g. legs are cold but head and arms are on fire.
  • Nausea. A lot of nausea.
  • First couple of days – really tired.
  • Irritability. That was something I struggled with a lot before going on any medication. Apparently it goes under the heading of ‘hypomanic symptoms’. But now that I am more self aware I am really going to try and get to the bottom of such responses instead of just being like, ‘oh well, stupid bipolar. can’t do anything about those.’
  • Very slightly blurred vision – really hoping that one will go away soon. Super annoying.
  • Few days after the initial few feelingreallytired days I actually had increased energy levels. I even had the urge to ‘get busy’ which is why I created that HOLIDAYS special going on at my site (for my animal communication and psychic channelling services) – want more customers to have more to do!
  • Enhanced emotional response to sad or touching scenes in tv shows/stuff on the news/beautiful music – like literally, tears welling up about 1 second into the family hug on ‘Modern Family’, I’m like, ‘IT’S JUST SO WONDERFUL FOR THEM’. Then when it’s gone a second later, ‘whattt the heck was that about me’.
  • Off and on I have felt like there was ‘all this energy coming at me’ like pin pricks from all directions. It’s been a thing of mine where I see/read/feel non physical energy, sometimes, in the form of TEXTURES. And it’s not like I feel it as a physical sensation but it’s like…those are the best describing words…and yea I just felt all the energy poking me and shooting at me. It was okay but once or twice it seemed to be ‘coming from’ the TV and I was like ‘aaahh!’ and had to move away from it. I can’t remember what I was looking at but I remember wondering why I would be feeling that because it wasn’t anything that had a particular emotional charge or feel behind it. I think I was just scrolling through Reddit or something absent mindedly…
  • Cold/flu like symptoms in the way of sniffing and (very slight) sore throat. Granted, I may actually just have a cold coming on but I also think I read somewhere it can be a side effect of discontinuing Cymbalta so it’s going on the list anyways…
  • At night when I go to bed, I am trying to ‘feel my feelings’ instead of blocking them out by scrolling through facebook on my phone until I fall asleep. My phone has actually broken at the moment and I’m using a crappy not-a-smart-phone one where I can’t use the internet on it…perhaps this is the greater reason why that occurred…so I would be forced to feel my feelings at night that I usually try to avoid. I am pretty good at allowing myself to feel it all during the day but I have always been really thingy about it at night time… It is odd that in this time of emotional sensitivity I have come to a place of consciously ‘facing my feelings’ at night… Speaking of which, I had a dream about it all where I got some answers relative to some particular emotional issues I have been thinking about. Perhaps that was a by product of me choosing to face it all just before I went to sleep…so yay! This has gone on this list because I wonder if a) the emotional sensitivity I feel is somehow inspiring me to consciously be in a space of consciously feeling more and/or b) the medication was part of what was blocking me from all of that^.

And well, that seems to be all so far. The hot flushes/cold chills and the nausea is what is bothering me the most. Combining that with the waves of extra energy is simply annoying…cause I wanna go do stuff cause I’m energetic yet I can’t because I feel sick. Erggh.


Kings Cross

Tonight I am staying in a hotel with my mum at Kings Cross. I am so tired but my head is buzzing. The energy here makes me feel like I can’t get clean. I constantly want to have a shower. The energetic atmosphere is thick, congested and unprocessed. It’s making my own auric field feel like that too (not a lot but yet it is highly noticeable).

Everyone’s worst selves are out there partying at the clubs and brothels in the streets below… Everyone and their issues are all out here for relief from the suppression. They’re here to express…via some pretty shit avenues.

The energy here is both stuffy and volatile at the same time. It’s weird.

It’s been a nice day otherwise. Just came to share my observations. My mind is ablaze but my eyes are tired yet the music and the people are so loud they prompt more thoughts.

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On Consciousness: Talking to/Reading Inanimate Objects

As stated in the previous article on consciousness, one can ‘read’ inanimate objects’ energy (Note: when I say inanimate objects crystals, rocks, trees, stones – anything that is still in it’s original Earth form, even if considered still and inanimate, is excluded. Explanations as to why are discussed in the previous article on consciousness and communication) and ‘sort-of’ communicate with them in the same way as communicating with other species, but the ‘interaction’ will be different.

I have only had experiences relative to reading the energy of inanimate objects. Today I attempted to ‘communicate with’ or ‘speak’ to an inanimate object – some fake flowers I bought from the op shop the other day.

The interaction was as follows:

The Flowers: “I am happy to be here. I am glad to be of service in this way (because it brings me happiness to look at it, cause they’re pretty). It is good.”

It was as I expected very simple and highly uh…I dunno, a different feeling? Oh, here it is – more like a lack of feeling. There was a lack of connection as we humans feel it. It was more like I was reading a message stemming from the plant as an object, not as a speaking being. It’s hard to explain…

I highly recommend you try it for interest’s sake. It is a very curious feeling. The ways in which this can be done are discussed a little bit in the previously mentioned article. I might write a more in depth one regarding inanimate object reading/communication in the future. If I do, I’ll edit this entry and link it here…

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About Ageing and The Amazing Old Lady

The other day I was walking along the street and there was an elderly lady walking towards me on the other side of the path. I was immediately struck by the presence of her higher self or soul aspect. It was like, “Whoa. Though that lady looks old and frail, she is AMAZING.” It was just this…presence…and like, a sudden involuntary (but appreciated) recognition of her huge part in the tapestry of the energetic universe. And not in a ‘she is a special spirit way’. The message was more like, ‘we are all just like this miraculous and powerful being I’m feeling now. We are all these huge, magnificent and miraculous soul-beings.
It made me think about this photo I have attached that I had seen previously on my feed on Facebook.

We are all souls and old people are energetic beings just like us, full of life and wisdom. There is a younger, whole soul inside of that person. The body may age but the spirit does not. The spirit evolves, yes, but ‘ageing’ is not a thing beyond this physical universe…And the only reason it even exists is because we BELIEVE you have to go through an ageing process in order to leave this plane… You don’t.

“Your body reflects your thoughts and beliefs. Your thoughts and beliefs can defy what is believed by science. What is believed to be possible is just that – a belief. Beliefs are just learned thoughts, and they are malleable.”

When I die I’m just going to be like, “Peace. #Beccout.”
I’m going to work on letting go of the belief that you have to age in order to die.

P.S. This is super cooool. Since lowering my anti depressant medication I am definitely much more sensitive to the energetic layer of the universe. It hasn’t even been very long. I’m quite excited to see what else happens.

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Death, Rebirth and Emerging Anew

I seem to be going through some kind of rebirth.

  • I have been surrounded by synchronicities of death in the last week. No one I know personally, but, others. Death always represents rebirth in my experience. Loss, yes, but then the inevitable birthing of the new that follows. Death itself is a rebirth, really, after all. You die, you go to ‘heaven’ (higher dimensions where lower vibrations such as the feelings of powerlessness, sadness, etc, all of those, are not and cannot ever be experienced), and you (usually) come back and are literally re-born as you incarnate once again.
  • I had a dream about vomiting last night – which symbolises releasing, or the need to release, emotions, thoughts, whatever you intuit – just something significant.
  • The last card I drew from my Oracle Card deck was ‘Dragonfly – Emergence’:
    “The goddess emerges from her gestation in the water transformed, with a renewed sense of power and purpose.” “You are in an intense process of emergence into the next cycle of your life. Unlike more gradual shifts in awareness you have experienced, this one is happening quite rapidly and came on somewhat unexpectedly, without any pauses for contemplation or indecision.” “This period of emergence is one of broadened consciousness and heightened perceptual capacities; and since it is inevitable, it is best to surrender to the flow and allow yourself to gracefully move into the next cycle of your life.”
  • I am officially tapering off of my anti depressants as of yesterday. Yes!
  • I have been having thoughts about going gluten free (which is better for the body in my opinion).
  • I finally found the courage to begin the process of de-calcifying my pineal gland (I had fears of not being able to handle the sensitivity to energy and non-physical entities that may come as a result).
  • I felt prompted to take charge of my health (remember to take my iron tablets, get a blood test to check iron and B12 levels (an important thing to do as a vegan) and liver function, thyroid, take flaxseed oil tablets (for omega 3), drink my vegan/raw/organic shake thing from time to time to ensure I get vitamin K2, which will allow me to better absorb vitamin D, which is something I am low on that I am in the midst of fixing (oh sunshine!).
    I then got a message from my spirit guides, through another psychic, that my health is indeed something I need to be focusing on.

I think my vibration is increasing and with it comes loss, to make room for the new, and I’m not worried about it.

The death thing is…odd though? Just feels weird. I guess simply because of societal conditioning, it’s always weird to notice/think about.

Also, speaking of vibration increasing, I had a dream that my dad got a financial bonus and that the sick budgie at my parents’ house got better – maybe I am becoming clairvoyant via my dreams? Or perhaps they were just a reflection of wishful thinking. We shall see. That’d be cool though. Never really had that before.

I will write more about going off of anti-depressants and it’s effects, and the deaths that surround, at a later time. I don’t have much inspiration to really really write just now, just wanted to get this unorganised train of thought down before I forgot it.

Edit: The Oracle Cards I have been using: Earth Magic: Oracle Cards