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Accept Your Feeling-Being

You are a feeling being.
You will never stop feeling.


You will move into a place where these pains will fade, disintegrate upon their entrance into your open arms of acceptance.

Because you are. You are acceptance. All you have to do is be. Be present.

When you be, you are.

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Fight or Feel?

A lot of our pain comes from resisting our emotions. The fact is that YOU FEEL THE WAY YOU FEEL.

You can try to erase and/or force changing the feeling to a different, more positive feeling but this either perpetuates the strength of the feeling and it’s pervasiveness (when you focus on what you do not want (the feeling) you get more of what you do not want (the feeling) – this universe responds to focus only. It is not responsive to ‘want’ vs. ‘don’t want’, only focus), making it pretty much impossible for you to change it or erase it OR if you do manage to change or erase it (by running away from it, by resisting it), the feeling is suppressed, not truly gone.

This feeling that you do not wish to feel, that you have suppressed will then come up as an intense over reaction to something that triggers that same feeling at a later date (and could also manifest as illness or a point of attraction for negative experiences that will force you to feel that feeling once again).

It is okay to want to change a negative feeling to a positive feeling. It is not okay for you to do this by force because of the aforementioned consequences. You can only truly move past a negative feeling by allowing it to BE, allowing yourself to FEEL it. You WILL find that when you face it and feel the feeling, it will pass and it will naturally TRANSFORM into a more positive feeling state on it’s own.

Resistance is a dire disease of the human race at this time. Our negative emotions are not our enemy. They are our signals that we are not in alignment with what is beneficial for our highest good. They are signs that will lead you to your greater joy if only you allow them to be as they are and transform into the beauty they are intended to become.

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How do I write these echoes
Of long lost love, and lust?
How do I identify
What I can’t bring myself to even try
To consider?

You have bled into my veins
You have opened clothes to make stains
Are you aware of the delicate sound
That I’ve never heard you make?

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

Maybe I’ve made an error
But I’d rather admit it
Than say never

I’ll implode
If I never know you
I’ve always known you

You are music
To my heart

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Violet Light

“All we are is skin and bone, trained to get along…forever going with the flow, but you’re friction.” – TS

If I could quiet the busyness that walks these streets
I would take the jump, the heart’s final leap
And away
I would stay

Wished for far too long
When will the lights from the city nights come?
Drenched in rain, the light starts to separate
Maybe it’s not too late

Shadows are just marks left on walls
By the light’s touch
So let the barriers I have built fall

Risk of pain, risk of divide
Risk of the heart’s final suicide
But I say that every time
And I guess I end up fine

But the echoes are marks on my skin
And there’s marching against these walls
But I won’t let them in
I won’t face them

I tried to kill the love in me
But all I end up with is that same violet light

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

Bravery – It’s You

I do think that it is often the unseen acts of bravery that are the most courageous… And I’m not talking about someone saving an old lady from getting run over by a bus and no one was around to watch or something, no.
I’m talking about being real, being true, being authentic, being who you really are. That sort of inner, miraculous feat that no one really realises is happening except for you.
If at any point, in any day, of any moment of your life, you find that you can say, ‘I allowed myself to feel how I felt’ or ‘I didn’t let them change me’ or ‘I got out of bed today even though it hurt’ or ‘I believe in myself’ or ‘I will try’ or any statements similar (those ones that bring a bubbling, quiet joy, a singing feeling of self satisfaction, to the surface – if you’re honest with yourself about it, if you realise what it all means)… It’s YOU. I’m talking about YOU. YOU are courageous. YOU have fortitude. YOU are brave.

You know what, I actually think it is really brave to even exist, too. Life is beautiful, wonderful and so ALIVE. Sometimes, too alive. Everything, every moment is fragile and just as precious as the other one. Every single moment is constantly disappearing. There are no take backs, no second draws. It’s like the whole thing is just…we are all taking a HUGE risk with every breath we take – moment by moment we reaffirm our commitment to life and living it, even as each of these moments (these which make up our life, our very existence as we know it) shatter behind us.
And every second, you’re propelled into the next moment whether you asked for it or not…the one you were in is disappearing, so you just, you gotta go, you HAVE to keep moving, lest you disappear too.
So, truly, if you are still breathing here today, if I were wearing a hat, it would be off to you.

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Remaining in ‘The Now’

I am sitting here in a state of anxiety. I’m worried about a lot of things. Mostly money. But today, I decided to do what I sometimes do when I remember to: be in the moment. Which is always said by ‘spiritual people’ and is always easier said than done.

Here is what I do:

When I start worrying about something and experiencing anxiety (note: anxiety is a feeling of insecurity about the future), I say to myself, “I will worry about that later” thereby still allowing the emotion, but promoting a better feeling in this moment via following this with, “Right now, what am I doing? I’m sitting here. Typing.” I then look at my fingers on the keyboard, I feel the plastic-y yet soft feeling of it against my fingertips. I listen to the sounds that I can hear, too. I hear the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard…I’ve always loved that sound. I hear birds whistling outside through the open window. I appreciate their song (did you know that animals communicate mostly via telepathy, they only make noise out of primitive instinct or for the joy of the song). I then ask myself, “What would I like to do, or think about right now?” in this moment, the answer is, “I’d like to continue typing and enjoying this music. Right now, that’s all I’m doing. I can worry in the next moment, if I want to.” and I may add, “I will worry about the next moment, in the next moment.” And as said next moment comes around, I repeat this process. “What am I doing right now? Would I like to do something else?”.

And I do put in effort to be honest with myself. I ask myself, “What would I really like to be doing. (in case thoughts about what I think I ‘should’ be doing invade, e.g. “look harder for a job! edit resume! (exclamation point to exemplify the feeling of panic behind those thoughts)’.  Or,  I might insert a feeling of guilt over the top of me doing this process, because I think I ‘should’ be doing the aforementioned things.)
Or, if I would like to go into the emotion and query the deeper reason behind these anxious feelings, I would ask myself, “What am I really worrying about? What am I really afraid of?” In this case the topic of concern is money and future bills to pay, so the answer is, “I’m worried I’ll have to ask my parents for money again and they might not have it and (I think, or they may think that) I’m just this terrible leech and they will look down on me and feel that I don’t care.” then I ask myself, “What can I do to resolve this concern?” And right now, I think the answer/s would be, “I will just be honest. They will listen. They know I am not these things I fear I will come across as – apathetic or heartless.”
Then, as we all often do, I envision this scenario (usually involuntarily, y’know how that happens in your head, thinking about all the conversations that could happen, but in this case, I take control of how it goes):

Here I go.
What I will say to Mum/Dad:
“I know that it might seem that I don’t care and that I am careless with money but I am really trying to improve. I really appreciate everything you do for me and how much you care about me. I am always coping as best I can in each moment, as we all are (I really believe in the sentence I heard a while back, “People do the best they can, with the perspective they hold and the knowledge they have, at the time.” All people are good inside. Sometimes it’s just buried, and often they don’t even know it).
If this is too much to ask, I am prepared to look at other avenues. I’m not sure what yet but I will look into it as best I can. At this point, all I can do is ask for help and assure you that I realise the toll it takes on you and that I care and I love you.”

And, by doing and saying all of this, I am thereby alleviating my own anxiety (adding a big, deep breath here) by knowing that they are likely to understand and that I did do the best I could, with the perspective and the experience that I have at this time. And I take pride in that, I do. I acknowledge and appreciate that aspect of me that is honourable in this, in my honesty.
I spoke my truth. I excavated all this shit for the benefit of those that I ask a lot of.
And, (taking another deep breath here), I know that this too shall pass.

Now, as I glance out the window at the sun and the leaves on the trees, bathed in the light…I’m asking myself, “What do I want to do now?”. The answer is: “I want to insert a picture into this entry, finish it up. Then I will probably go get dressed and drive into town (involuntarily envisioning myself driving down the road with the window open and the light and air on my face. It feels nice).”

But when I stand up and walk into my room to finish getting dressed, I will ask myself all of these same questions again. “How do I feel about what I’m doing now?”, “Do I still want to go into town?” And if the answer is “No”, that’s okay. I’ll ask myself these same questions again in the next few moments, and maybe the answer will change to “yes”, and maybe it won’t, and that’s okay because I am doing the best with what I have and the perspective that I hold at this time, and that is enough (deep breath here).

I hope that sharing this helps some people who may be reading this. : ) I love you all.

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Staying with a Negative Feeling

Recently I discovered that I am meant to be a channel for the information coming in from the Pleiades. It makes me feel a bit weird, not sure why. I think I’m having a small identity/self esteem crisis… “Ahh, go away, not again!” says my mind. The wiser half responds, “Let’s deal with it now. Go into the story, into the pain and you will come out the other side in a better state.” So here we go…

I have been feeling so over all the shadow and the bullshit and all the waiting for life to start really happening.
So, I am doing this. I am ready. Throw it at me. And if we have to, let’s throw all the shit at me now, first, okay? So that I can get a free load for a while, right? Okay? Cool.

Back to the issue at hand:

It’s like …I’m a Pleiadian…but my ‘human self’ is insulted that I am to be a channel for some other cooler being with cooler information. But, (and here I realise) I’m not just doing that. I am holding my very own Pleiadian frequency that is anchoring the planet down and projecting it upwards, like a spring release, but in slow motion (the raising of consciousness on this planet is, and must be, steady and slow, but at the same time comes with an exciting, propulsive and energetic feeling).
But again, this is making me feel like any information that I might have to offer is not considered as important or ‘as good’ as this/these other beings’ (whom I am to channel). …But… (and here I realise again) It is the collective. I am a part of this collective. What it is, is more like – I’m to raise my vibration to meet these beings and share the information through my perspective (plus I know I’m already doing it in my dreams). We are meeting half way to transfer information that was/is already mine, just inaccessible from here in 3D.
My human experience still allows me to do what I love which is to counsel, offer advice and share my perspective in whatever manner that most helps the individual. This human part of me + the Pleiadian part of me…they’re already interplaying, even without me realising it.

I am constantly transmitting that frequency and that noise (song) to the Earth. I am constantly changing the way of the world and the realms at this time; it’s just a matter of being more conscious of it this time. I’m going to begin. It’s time to begin.

Now, is where I begin and (the) Now is where I dissolve. (And revolve).

I feel better. I’m glad I got that out. Sometimes (maybe even a lot of the time), instead of listening to my fears or worries like this, I ignore them and try to ‘delete’ them by refocusing on something positive…and that IS the thing to do, but only AFTER one has been through the negative-feeling thoughts.
If you run away from negative-feeling thoughts, as I do at times, they will simply return at another time. Instead, go into it. You will find it is far less difficult/scary/painful/exhausting/etc as you may think, and that all these ‘negative’ feelings have their opposite – beautiful, positive insights…they’re almost always born from the difficult, aren’t they? Hmm.