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A Solstice of Self

Today I experience a second rebirth. A rebirth of the alignment between me and my higher self and my origin self.

I see the old parts of me wash away as though they are an ancient civilisation. That is what they have been likened to. I keep waking up with and just generally feeling energy running through my palms. I am realigning.

The part of me that did not know who she was, who lived in fear of her own self and emotion… she has been laid to rest. The tethers that bind are no more. This I know, today.

This process of realignment with the higher consciousness is one of such intangibility and of an undefinable nature. I want to write about it yet when I go to find the words it is as though they are wisps of air… no words for no definitions do fit this.

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I am so much more me today than I ever have been before. It is as if I am more whole. My words have a congruency to them they did not before. My soul, my air, my breath has a wholeness, a depth to it that I did not have before. And as stated, I do see this image in my mind once again… of the being that is or was me…now an ancient site of ruins, it can be learned from but not lived in.

I do not think it coincidence that this occurs on the Winter solstice. The day where the sun sleeps her longest night only to renew herself for the foreseeable future. She, like me, is transforming into a new self, her whole self… she is realigning and returning to the days spent as MORE herself. MORE Sun. I am grateful for her arms of light that I saw today. It has been a dreary week. But as I have felt myself take new breaths today, so has she, it seems. I do not think this alignment coincidence. We, the beings upon the Earth, We the beings within this Galaxy, We share the same cycle. We are cyclic in our states of renewal, rebirth, home and travel.

Today I decided to sit outside in the flickering rays of sunlight and channel something from Asteria (my higher self/Pleiadian self) to do with the Winter Solstice:

“It is of no coincidence that I am reborn again today. Many times I had rebirth. Many times I have shed.

Today is a day for the sun to shine as she does, if only for a short while.
When she rests she will wake renewed and replenished tomorrow, as do you.
She will be ready to start anew, as will you, and so you shall. It is not long for the Winter to pass new, not long at all.
As you go about your day and return to the bounty that Winter’s harvest has brought you, be reminded of all that you have and give thanks. It has been in chaos that we have found stillness and still the sun shines to you, just for you.
The Earth requests nothing but your respect for her bounty and your harvests this Winter. They are hers to share and yours to keep. Cherish them.
Become One (with her, the Earth, and also yourself) and you will always be full.”

– Asteria

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Raw, 2015, Rebirth

I feel very raw. I feel like I have been stripped down to the foundations of my life as I know it. I can barely explain it aside from sharing the visual I keep seeing that exemplifies my feelings:

I see my body, standing upright. It has been excavated like an archaeological dig site. There is not much left but the foundations of what was once a golden temple. I see my body as this shell, filled with dirt and vague structural pieces, evidence of what used to be. I feel neutral towards it. I only somewhat recognise it as my own. It sounds awful, because it is mine and I should be worried about it, but I’m not. I am very slightly curious towards it. I wonder what used to be. I don’t really remember.

This is 2015. This is where we are right now. We are standing in the shell of what used to be, or that emptiness is headed your way. It’s alright. Everything old is being removed to make way for the new. The new is beautiful, green and lush. It just takes it’s time. The sun sets over it beautifully. I see it. Purple and pink skies with bold orange and yellows arching together, blending softly to create something we’ve never seen before.

Each day we are reborn a little more.

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Featured Image ‘Rose’s Portrait’ by Lyndsey Vu

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Undercover (Dawn)

It is difficult to be the one who always holds faith, who believes that people are innately good and are more than what they show on the surface. It is difficult to be the one who is willing to be vulnerable to help others understand, only to have them not always do the same.

It’s kind of cold underneath the surface
But we get there in the end
We get there in the end

Undercover your skin feels soft
Out of the sun, in the dark, it’s what we’ve got
It’s a tired time, it’s a time to mellow
But the dawn reignites your fear

The sun’s coming up
Bruises startin’ to show
In the yawn of the sun and the light of yellow
Armour starts to regrow

You’re just straining for something new to be born
And you know it can’t wait

But the days are too long, and you’re tired, and you’re back in bed
Before the questions can start to sing the answers in your head
So I’m singing you to sleep silently
Awake in your dark, quietly

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

Marching, Mirrors and Constellations.


Marching Song


And don’t stir

We all share the pain

Of every petal

That ever dropped from every flower

Until our last hour

So carry on

Carry on


I wake up

It’s 5pm

I don’t care

I’ve been weakened by men

Am I supposed to have these scars all over me?

Injuries left by those who’ll never see

Though some are from me

Some are from me


Because I’ll never be who they want me to be

I’ll always just be

The kind of girl you’ll never need

Behind bars made of crystal

Beautiful but not free


But I guess it comes full circle, you know

You’re just a mirror of what I don’t show

Fragile glass made so sharp

You cause injury

But you were carved from me

And that’s a truth that will never leave me

That light will never go out

But that’s alright because I’ll remember from now

You were there to show me how

To walk away from wars in which I don’t belong

To stand still as you shattered from what I did wrong

In battle with you

We both knew

That the marching song would end

Some days I wish I was a constellation

Or the song of acoustic guitars

Letting Go

Spring Street – Vanessa Carlton

Nah, nah-nah-nah, nah nah nah
Nah, nah-nah-nah, nah nah nah

I was heading down to Spring Street with a suitcase in my hand
Filled with love and life and grand illusion,
I knew you’d understand
I left you by the stairwell
And your eyes were wet with tears
Mother you knew you had to let me go,
Even after all these years

And we sing
Nah, nah-nah-nah, nah nah nah
She said
Nah-nah-nahnah nah nah nah
Walk on
Nah-nah nah, nah, nah nah nah
You’re alright
Nah-nah, nah, nah nah nah nah

And I found myself a new life
I’ve been living with some friends
We hold on to dreams and live like kings,
Like the days will never end
I left him by the statue and his eyes were filled with tears
Lover you knew you had to let me go
Even after all these years
And we sing

Nah-nahnah-nah nah nah nah
He said
Nah-nah, nah, nah, nah nah nah
Walk on
Nah-nah, nah, nah, nah nah nah
You’re alright
Nah-nah, nah, nah nah nah nah

Everything changes friends become strangers
What we hold so dear slips away
The past keeps on fading,
But I’ll never forget you
It’s hard to see that you’re a part of me
Even when we have to say

Nah-nah, nah, nah,nah nah nah
Walk on
Nah-nah, nah, nah nah nah nah nah
We sing
Nah-nah, nah, nah, nah nah nah
Well alright
Nah-nah, nah, nah nah nah nah

And I moved out of the city
To start a family of my own
When I look into my daughter’s eyes,
I don’t feel so alone
And as I walk her down to Spring Street
She holds on to my hand
Mother you knew my eyes would be wet with tears and now I understand

Nah-nah, nah, nah, nah nah nah
And I said
Nah-nah, nah, nah, nah nah nah
Walk on
Nah-nah, nah, nah, nah nah nah
Thank you
Nah-nah, nah, nah, nah nah nah
Walk on,
You’re alright
Can’t hold on
Nah-nah,nah, nah, nah nah nah

Dear ___ ,

I’m letting go. I already did, to us that is, but this is letting go of a different kind.

I can’t believe you’re not free yet. I thought you were, hence my reaching out…and the offence I took when you did not, and will not, take my hand once again…as a friendship that could bloom…but now, now I’ll allow the wilt.
And you can’t see the way my arms shake as I try to hold that weight…you’ll never know the extent of exhaustion I feel at just thinking of that concept…and you never ever will. Even when I/did throw it in your face (I’m sorry).

I’m a drug to you. I hate that I am the poison that runs through your veins.

You have to understand that I didn’t know. I didn’t. know. You left and I envisioned you as happy, in a new life, and that was it. That’s how it is when someone willingly leaves you.

Now you will literally live a separate life and I will fade into the background, so far back until I can’t see you any more, and you can’t see me. And it’ll be better, and it’ll make you happy. And for awhile I’m sure I’ll watch…because I’m an addict to the past too. But eventually, my vision will blur as tears well in my faded blue eyes, and you’ll be better for it. And I have to try to believe that in the end, I will be too.

I’ve already faded so much that I’m able to write this here because I know you’ll never read it.

I’ll always love you.

– Becc

I did the best I could…
And someday realising that will be enough for me.

The Life Of A Catalyst

I am definitely a catalyst!

Andey Fellowes

There are those of us who have incarnated here on Earth, who carry a certain frequency. This frequency has such strength that it generates a response within those who are exposed to it that brings about a shift of awareness and thus a large change. Some aren’t ready for this change, some aren’t ready for this awareness of themselves and so they close off, resort to child-like behaviour or even go on the offensive and get outwardly destructive. And some, who are ready, flock to this vibration like a moth to a flame knowing, on a molecular level and deeper, that exposure to this sort of frequency will mean the shedding of the old and the experience of new.

Teal Swan Teal Swan

There are many names for this vibration and those who carry it. The most apt, I’ve heard is the ‘Catalyst’ energy. This Catalyst energy is a vibration which I…

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On Being out of Alignment

Being out of alignment is a part of being a human in this 3rd dimensional reality. The effort and level of thought control that must be learnt to stay in alignment manifests a life experience with mistakes.

Mistakes contribute to expansion because: by experiencing what you do not want (mistakes and their consequences); you are then able to see what you do want, giving rise to new desires and ultimately, another new path of expansion for the universe itself.

Finding within you the strength to allow yourself to be out of alignment, releases the resistant (or non-allowing) energy that was the divider in the first place.

*To be in alignment in this context means that you are matching the vibration that your source self, your higher self, that part of you that is eternal and conscious of your true divinity, holds. It is the vibration of the universe, of the all that is, of Source energy. This vibration is synonymous with the human terms, “unconditional love” and “appreciation” which are: being in the state of pure positive focus.

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

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