one day love

To A Love, One Day

I can’t help it.

I love bravely, open and wild, heart free and wide eyed.

All the arrows and the injuries I have felt buried into me, they fade away like white dust, shattering as my hope grows over.

I only see the flowers in weeds, I never see the black night sky, just white, just the light of the stars.

We, ‘the lovers’, we hold on.

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How do I write these echoes
Of long lost love, and lust?
How do I identify
What I can’t bring myself to even try
To consider?

You have bled into my veins
You have opened clothes to make stains
Are you aware of the delicate sound
That I’ve never heard you make?

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

Maybe I’ve made an error
But I’d rather admit it
Than say never

I’ll implode
If I never know you
I’ve always known you

You are music
To my heart